View Full Version : please BGE2 team, GET THE METRICS RIGHT !!!!!!!

06-25-2017, 03:46 PM
Dear Ubisoft (Montpellier development team & all other development teams involved),

With the game still being very early in its development stage regarding the actual content, I’d directly like to emphasize on this VERY crucial point that helps immensely the “immersion” :

GET THE METRICS IN THE GAME RIGHT!!!! 400 meters ship = 400 meters (and not 350 m or 375 m), 20 m ships = 20 m, 700 m statue =….. & same for the characters

=> take HUGE INSPIRATION from STAR CITIZEN who has this great dynamic still building & going on for it (THEY ARE BEING ULTRA TRANSPARENT, so if it’s not the case yet, GO look up their website, their modding community in the forums for other crazy designs & their YouTube channel !!!=> follow at least their Around the Verse game development episodes for instance & finally, play their game and marvel for yourselves first hand. Seriously, watching their latest updates, that game is definitely one to follow closely).

=> DON’T do like GTA Online latest DLCs or other games like Elder Scrolls Online/Elder Scrolls where metrics of structures may seem good outside but the respective interiors are off metrics wise with sometimes no logical consistency with the actual buildings. Again, admire & get inspired by the way Star Citizen handles their ships' & buildings' interiors/exteriors; it’s really stunning work in my humble opinion.

There, GET the METRICS RIGHT, it does hugely on the WOW! factor & as a selling point for future ships/planets/… (from small & slick awesome designs to ultra-impressive gargantuan capital ships).

I’m pretty wary of getting my hype level up even if the early demo looked awesome & promising. Still, I have faith you guys will pull it off & make good on your vision. Keep strong, take the time required & may your creativity & passion make you break new barriers too.

P.S : Sorting out your forums would also be a nice touch. Right now, they seem a bit of a mess compared to some of your competitors.

06-27-2017, 10:22 AM
Are the metrics being right really that important? Are they something that made the first game great?

I fully agree that a realistic approach (like the interior should match the building in terms of scale) is important, and as they really talked a lot about this whole scale thing in general, I think they should do it right.

I just hope they get the gameplay right and we get an awesome story and it won't become a space simulation. But like you said, if they go and touch the space simulation genre and incorporate it in the gameplay, they should do it the best they can.

06-29-2017, 03:28 PM
i don't really see any problems with the metrics. As we saw in the demo the scaling of the assets was very accurate.