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06-25-2017, 12:04 PM
When I read the forums I always read things like buff this hero or nerf that hero and I always think OK that is step 2 but why don't we talk about step 1 first?

This game has a problem and it is synchronisation and stability.

I have an almost perfect PC and can play on 200+ FPS if I disable V-Sync.

Wehn I join matches my FPS is reduced by over 80 FPS because other players having bad connections and slow the game down to 120 FPS or below. What makes it worse is that the game is feeling very laggy after last patch so pls re-roll. It is almost unplayable when your FPS jump around wild with over 40 FPS from time to time.

I play fast heroes and was used to dodge a lot. Since last patch dodge is almost useless because it doesen't work like it should (the reason is you changed the stance btw which was a terrible mistake). What does it mean in game: I play peacekeeper and dodge a centurions kick for example (a hero I used to own flawless in duels before the patch). Even with the dodge I get kicked so I need to double dodge = stamina loss and no counter = PC has no chance = Centurion got another buff .
Just want to show what your changes do to the game and what was not expected. Fine lawbringer is more balanced now, but it destroyed the balance of oher heroes.

Please focus on the general issues first, you can not balance a game with connection issues by doing changes to details (because thes require a good synchronisation and stability which For HOnor does not ahve).

06-25-2017, 06:13 PM
That implies that they cannot do both. and that they haven't been working on connection at all.