View Full Version : How much will we be able to influence the Game-Development?

06-23-2017, 05:25 PM
I love the prequel and believe in the sequel's project. The reason I logged in to the SMP was the opportunity to actively participate in the development. That's what I want, but will it be so? Are we "just" there to give feedback? Any of the Space Monkeys is sure to be useful for more than feedback, right?

For example, I am a professional book author. So I can write pretty well. My passion for fantasy and lore is also something that can certainly implement well, right? I love creating lore to equip a fictional universe with life and details. I wrote the following post a few days ago in this Forums:

Oh really? Do you mean that one with the integrated cutting-hammer? That's for me! Even if it is a bit rusty, it can even cut through steel-fence! Really handy! It is the most used tool on System-1, System-3 and even System-4!

This post was brought yo by the Barranco Corporation. Barranco! Tell your Gods we gonna cut you down!

It was only a joke at the beginning, but then I began to think more about it. Why is the Branco tool not popular in System-2? And there was my own little Lore born from one little (pretty awesome :p) joke:

System-2 is the system, with just one planet on which survival is possibile without any further terraforming. The planet is called "Athirat" named after Athirat, an ugaritic (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ugarit) sea and heaven goddess. It is a medium-sized planet with just 14% land mass, of which over half of it are mountains. The rest of the planet is an incomprehensible deep sea. The mass of land which can be colonised consists almost entirely of island, which are not connected with the ground of the planet. However, this was not checked before the hybrids were used by Hestia-Vesta, which is why the hybrids were exposed to a planet where there was nearly no metal for mining, and when it became known, any interest about System-2 was lost and the hybrids remained alone on the planet, with no more than a few little colonies.

Over the centuries these colonies have developed further, for the earth is poor in metal, but they are rich in minerals, which accelerate tree growth drastically. So the planet is covered by big cities, entirely made of wood. Due to the hybrid confession of the year 2202, the mining enterprise "Hestia (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hestia)-Vesta (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vesta_(mythology))Works" was in a bad situation. They left the hybrids on Athirat to die, but they survived, thanks to the wood. It confirms clearly that firms lose their ownership of hybrids as a working resource if they were no longer in use for more than 15 years. Correspondingly, the hybrids were free hybrids on Athirat and also, according to law of the confession, had the right for an infrastructure and basic supply. Hestia-Vesta had to comply with it, and so Athirat become a planet with all the comforts of civilization: water, energy, food but to put the coat of silence about the planet, the only communication outside the planet is only to the Hestia-Vesta headquarters. They are forced to support the Planet and trade with them, even if wood ist nothing the universe really needed.

Through this isolated life, Athirat has developed its own subculture in the galaxy. Because there is so very less metal (thats why you do not need a cutting-hammer), even the smallest clump of iron has a high value for the latest generations of hybrids who do not know a life full of metal (The hybrids have been living for nearly 200 years on Athirat) giving an unprocessed lump of iron is an incredible concession of respect. Anyone wishing to make a marriage has to give their interested a piece of metal.

However, natural and synthetic metal will be differentiated. The former is almost holy, the second is a nice replacement.

Each statue of the goddess Hestia-Vesta, a unique creation of hybrids on the planet, is 100% metal. Each idol is made of metal

Here you can see how much potential in our community is. My strength is writing and something I would do on a hobby-basis also for Beyond Good & Evil 2 because I love the universe behind it so much.

What are your strengths? How could you bring in? And is there any information what we will be able to bring in to the development?