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06-23-2017, 03:37 PM
Guess I will open a new thread since I cannot reply to the one I created. You tell us to keep it clean them lock the forum anyway? It is cool with me.

Aarpian, I am a fair person and I am pretty agreeable for the most part. I like getting feedback to what I say because that means there are some who actually care whether or not they agree. In regard to your response to mine, we are on the same page with the majority of the conversation. The number of mistakes that have been made thus far from a community acknowledgment standpoint is ridiculous. Whenever you have people on the line of never playing again or being loyal and sticking with it is this thin, the last thing you want to do is leave them hanging by trying to use business as usual act. It doesn’t work. People are watching and grasping at straws with hope of a straight up answer, and a reason to keep playing despite the ungodly amount of issues.

In regard to the guarantee of getting the same answers every time I understand what you mean but the idea of that goes against the whole platform does it not? I was of the understanding that it was a way for the community to ask questions we are desperate to know and get insight in to items we view as relevant. I do not expect for them to answer the same questions but I do expect them to answer at least some important ones that are all over the message boards that they straight up refuse to address. By telling me to watch previous streams to find answers they do not feel like answering is not only irritating, but also quite a bold move for a dev team who is losing people day in day out because they feel like they are being left out in the cold. Throw these individuals a life-line.

As far as the “Deal with It” thing goes, I completely disagree with you. From my perspective and perspective of others watching the stream the initial impression was just as I said, look at the time frame of it in which it occurred and the facial expression of the individuals on the coach when it cuts back to them.
Even if what you say is true than it is still a slap in the face. If it is how they are sitting, well look how relaxed we are. I know you guys want know and you may be wondering if we are hard at work to provide the awesome experience you paid for? Well rest assured we are very comfortable here in the meeting room relaxing and we will get to it when we get to it. I do not feel bad for them even slightly and if my complaining about this and other things is considered me s hi t ting on them, well then hand me the laxatives because I am not even close to done.
This forum is the first forum that I have ever actively posted on or posted on at all for that matter. I originally posted on this a few months ago trying to figure out what the deal was with connection. The longer I look at these posts the more I realize that it has all gone downhill. I have both given the devs compliments and condemned them, stuck up for them and hated them. It is not only me however; as the majority of posts in a general sense has taken a toxic turn. Look back to a couple of months how the posts have changed. People are sick and tired of the circumstances in which they find themselves and yet there is no relief in sight. This is the reason this game will die.

06-23-2017, 04:14 PM
I find it amusing that instead of answering any questions related to the original post, they cry and shut it down.

At what point does ANYTHING related to For Honor get handled in a professional manner? This is not bashing, this is a serious question. Everything, and I mean everything from the patch rollouts to your unbelievably bad warriors dens, is completely mishandled.

Your "join in progress" that solved nothing only added more head aches and has had to be removed on 3 separate occasions because it broke the game. These boards, whether your looking for an answer or looking for updates, are flooded with spam after 5pm (say what you will, I've been on boards for games for years and spam gets taken care of quickly because it shows an overall lack of care when left to repeat) and good luck getting an actual answer, most of the time they tell you to submit a support ticket.....

Which, all I can say is wow.... your support team is LITERALLY the worst. I've had 3 tickets closed because your team member read it wrong. You think I'm lying? Go ahead, search my ticket history. Fantastic. You guys can't even roll out your compensation packs right. I've had a support ticket open and referenced it here for the past 12 hours..... no response. I even had the sense to open a live chat, to which I got.....I'll take a look at that..... then radio silence for 12+ hours and still going with no champ status and no box. I don't even really give 2˘ about the status or the box, but when you say your going to do something..... well for ****s sake, do it.

If you can't act like adults when someone criticizes you I.E. closing a post because it was "mean" ..... then maybe act like professionals in ANY aspect of this game. Was the stream meant to be lighthearted? I don't know, I don't work for you guys. What I do know, is that none of it was professional and I would hope to expect more from grown adults who have sold people a severely flawed game.

How about you just tell us the truth? Why is the p2p so bad? Why can you guys not roll out simple fixes without either; 1) weeks on weeks of time to patch it or 2) breaking 3 other things in the process. Instead of answering fluff questions and showing us horrendous footage of stuff that honestly, no one cares about at this point (maybe if the game had been healthy we would wonder what the inspirations were.... right now it's just "oh, look at this while we continue to steal your money... OH AND BUY THOSE STEEL PACKS") maybe try taking a moment, putting a serious face on, and answering the questions that are too numerous to count at this point.

To wrap this up...... maybe you guys should answer some critical questions that your community is asking you to answer. I don't need lighthearted sarcasm. I don't need you telling me to submit a support ticket. I don't need you closing down a thread because you didn't like the tone of someone who you have obviously made frustrated to the point of coming here to bash his head against a wall.....

Act like professionals, who released a very unprofessional game, and take responsibility if nothing else. I'm not saying I NEED A FIX FOR EVERYTHING NOW!!!!!! ..... I'm asking for just the slightest bit of feedback as to what's been done about some of the issues that are killing your game.

06-23-2017, 04:26 PM
To UbiNoty, FredEx919 and the other community mods here is what I see is the biggest problem with yesterday's stream. You specifically set up a Q&A thread to collect questions for the Warrior's Den. When the Q&A section rolled around, I'm sorry, but the toughest, most asked questions were avoided. And even when a simple thing like salvage is asked we get absolutely no definitive answer. To me salvage is low hanging fruit for the dev team. It should be something easy to fix and something that, if changed correctly, would be very welcomed by the community. Instead we got the same standard answers to even that simple question. It's not like it was the first time it was ever asked.
At this point the community just wants black and white answers. No more fifty shades of gray bs. The answer is either, "Yes, this is actively being worked on and the timeframe for patch release is between now and 30Sep17 for PC. Add two weeks from PC patch to console release." or "No, the team is currently not working on that issue." Period. That's what we need to hear each week. We know they collect data. We know they have QA testing to do. We know there is a certification process for console patches.
Roman. I like Roman. He seems like a great guy. We all know he is under pressure from the community and, I'm sure, from his superiors. We want to hear directly from the developers but maybe having Roman come on every week is too much right now. I think things are getting to him and maybe he just needs a break from the constant bombardment. I'm sure there is a great deal of time spent each week just prepping, mentally if nothing else, for the Warrior's Den on Thursdays. I think he needs to go back and just spend time with his team. They need to look at all of the priorities they have and just pick the top 3-5 and work on them until they are done. That's the only way anyone is going to see true progress at this point. I am worried that he, and probably many others on the team, is/are losing his/their passion for the project. If that is the case than everyone loses. I love the game. Despite the issues, I would say most people on this forum and reddit love the game or we just wouldn't be here talking about it.
Have a good, safe weekend everybody.

06-23-2017, 07:06 PM
Both support and the forum mods lack of customer support skills, that's why I do not respect them in any way.
They are mercenaries hired to do Ubi's dirty job and they excel at it.

06-23-2017, 07:20 PM
Well said good sir

06-23-2017, 07:29 PM
Yea the stream was a major disappointment. Shortest Q&A session of the last few streams when it needed to be the longest one

06-24-2017, 01:24 AM
they say they implement turney mode, for all of us to test it, WOW!!!
But that is not what we want!!!!
We want stabble connections
we want a fix off the turtle meta
after that we want balance between the characters aaaaaaaaand after that you can think about tournament mode and ranked
but befor its wasted time!!!!!!
but nothing happens only some warm words like soon, we are working on it, it will be fixed
yeah nice but when??????????
your time is running! and its running against you!
Ive defended this game week for week but now its enough already

06-24-2017, 01:35 AM
Both support and the forum mods lack of customer support skills, that's why I do not respect them in any way.
They are mercenaries hired to do Ubi's dirty job and they excel at it.

Imo, the forum mods are just that, forums mods, they really don't have any power in changing the game except for a wordhere or there to the dev team, which is unfortunately ignored. The forum mods are alright, it's the dev team that are lazy.

06-24-2017, 01:42 AM
The Devs are incompetent. It is pathetic that they dont recognize glaring balance and connectivity issues.

That being said I think ubinoty has a tough job covering for their asses. For the most part I am assuming he has his hands tied in what he can say and has to take the brunt of our very understandable frustration.

VoIume Control
06-24-2017, 03:09 AM
i agree I hope they read this WHOLE post. No one is happy about P2P, or Turtle meta.. NO ONE WANTS RANKED the game is DEAD maybe 2000 players per platforum? YEAH THAT'S DEAD