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06-23-2017, 02:21 PM
For me, it's important to see how the city will look and how the gameplay will be there. Will the story be linear or will we have complete freedom? What are the activities we can do in the city? We have now seen the scale, the technology and the setting. Now it will be nice to see actual gameplay (if it's not too early). But I will be happy with every piece of information we can get :)

06-23-2017, 02:39 PM
For me, it's important to see how the city will look and how the gameplay will be there. Will the story be linear or will we have complete freedom? What are the activities we can do in the city? We have now seen the scale, the technology and the setting. Now it will be nice to see actual gameplay (if it's not too early). But I will be happy with every piece of information we can get :)

I wonder if there are local vehicles like motorbikes kinda stuff. I doubt we will see a city in the near future as the scale of those is pretty big.
I believe it goes Spaceships then city structures(Like the one in the engine-demo) and after that we will probably see multiple characters(Races).
I doubt that will see NPCs so fast.

I expect that we will get a working or near finished planet(one planet) in the next 4 or 8 months-ish.
Depends on how development goes but I expect that they work heavily with computer generated stuff and they need to adjust those accordingly.

And I bet that Ancel would really avoid to have us playing the first testing version without textures and such stuff(because the city down there seemed quite super basic, I'm fine with that xD).
To me it seems he wants a lot being polished first and finished.
Still I would just love to have the engine demo and fly around like a crazy old man.
I think development due to plans is actually very straight forward and in one day they can do a lot. Well I expect that for coding idk about objects and stuff.

06-24-2017, 08:41 PM
I'm curious how they plan to populate a whole planet(s) with cities etc. Even if the engine can handle that much seamless open world space, it would take decades to design that many locations. Just look at the amount of work that goes into a GTA or Assassin's Creed game. You would almost have to rely on some kind of procedural generation algorithm, but look how that turned out for No Man's Sky.

06-24-2017, 09:08 PM
anything about customization be it ships or characters, character creator, city life ( just walk through the streets, show what people do )

06-25-2017, 09:21 AM
i would like to see that they're taking note of games like Dragon Age Inquistion, No Man's Sky, ME:Andromeda in that big open worlds aren't always the best if the quests that fill them are just...exactly that, fillers. Fetch quests can be okay if they're still fun and if they aren't too long and too many. But i'm getting sick of games where it seems to be 99% side quests that don't mean anything and 1% main storyline. We all loved the first game to death, even it's linear story and small scale world, but the story and the characters and the environments all had heart and thats what keeps gamers interested. Exploring and fun mini games are cool too, its nice to sometimes divert from the story and just do whatever but I can't even get through Andromeda because of the side quests and the fact that the story had little OOMF to keep me interested. Even just acknowledgement or a taste of what kind of story and missions they plan to give us would be good. Apart from that, maybe a little more down the road some videos on the character creation, style design and a some teases about what kind of Hero we'll be playing as will be nice!

06-25-2017, 03:39 PM
So true i completely agree look at Watch dogs 2 the amount of times i just got out of my car to just randomly walk and see what's going on is mental. from people fighting, walking there dogs, playing music etc. all this creates a fantastic word i hope the cities will have the same amount of npc detail as watch dogs. anyways we need to see the city from ground level

06-25-2017, 03:47 PM
yea like are we only a Human or can we pick animals what will possibly affect the way you play. the Customization in my opinion needs to be Saints row 2 level with Hairs were you can change how long they are, to Clothes were you can mix T shirts with Coat and change the Logos, Colours, and even add in details like wholes from bullets/lasers... Imagine a long Coat with Laser Wholes over it. Badass

06-26-2017, 10:40 AM
I would like to see a city in order to understand the size and the freedom in exploring it (how many interior buildings I can explore,theyr size etc...)

06-26-2017, 04:16 PM
Everything I said aside. I would like to see 2 working cities with NPCs with trade between them.

06-26-2017, 08:23 PM
My preferences:

View the active people in the cities, like merchanting, etc..., and view how is to enter to the city with the ship :D
View the environments who says Michel in the in-game gameplay.
The interior of the ships :D
Some buildings like the Nutripils Factory who appear in the in-game gameplay (I think 50% it is a nutripils factory xD, MIN 08:44, the big building in the right of the ship :D, and I think it have the nutripils logo too).


Go and visit the B:G&E 2 POLL!!

Regards, Florian.

06-29-2017, 02:43 PM
First a detail tour in the city, then the mechanics, and finally the combat system...

06-29-2017, 03:24 PM
i only want to see what they have achieved in the period of the last gameplay demo.
I am sure the developers have their own timeline and schedule and will come up with a decent demo, so i won't be asking for any selfish gameplay mechanincs i would like to see before the initial release.

06-29-2017, 03:32 PM
First a detail tour in the city, then the mechanics, and finally the combat system...

Yeah walking through a city would be what I'd like to see.

07-08-2017, 04:22 PM
I want to see a specific place in the city for example like the bar with this badass pig. And I hope it will be detailed and that we are able to do things in there and of course at other places too ^_^

07-08-2017, 07:47 PM
1) Shopping centre / concert / festival / political rally, showcasing character customisation options.

2) Some (1980s BBC Micro) Elite-style trading, if that's going to be an option.

3) An ecosystem, with lots of different species in a complicated food web and special relationships like orchids that mimic bees, vine flowers and hummingbirds that fit together, pitcher plants that digest every insect except bees and release them (yes really), those little dentist birds that clean crocodiles' mouths, ambush-and-snatch predators, ambush-and-sprint predators, flying predators, armoured herbivores, swift herbivores, natural camouflage, territorial disputes (clashing heads, clashing antlers, yawning competitions, tentacle wrestling, singing competitions, aerial racing or whatever), trees, vines, waterfalls, swamps, crags, waves, tidal currents, estuaries, beaches, reefs and characters in SCUBA gear of some sort.

4) Romance options. Once upon a time, there was a Second Life clone called Red Light Center. It was about as trashy as you might expect. The available clothing options for female characters were mostly lingerie and bikinis. The devs let the players upload their own clothing textures. Players uploaded men's shirts with the sleeves rolled up, full Tuxedos, charity-branded t-shirts, fancy shirts, Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders' costumes and all kinds of stuff, much of it classier than the starting options, and requested skirts. Skirts got added. As soon as the meshes were released, wedding dresses got requested on the forum and uploaded and player characters RPed getting married. It became so popular the devs added a whole betrothal and marriage system to the game world. Remember this place was named after the part of town with all the brothels. The people playing it added formalwear, cosplay and getting married. If multiplayer is possible, people are going to want to do what people sometimes want to do, and if it's "with a small group of close friends" that's going to include "with your spouse(s)" and people are going to want their characters to get married. Yes, spouse(s) not just spouse. Threesomes happen outside the top shelf at the DVD shop, and can be long-term things. MM, MF, FF, MMM, MFM, MMF, FMF and FFF are all real-world arrangements that work for some people and it'd be both silly and wrong to alienate them by saying "not in this future!"

5) Someone pronouncing "chassis" without the "T" because there isn't one.

07-14-2017, 12:27 AM
How about something within the constraints of the game engine. like more weather effects like rain or snow, or maybe some inter-planetary travel, also real time events like that meteor impact but from the on the ground perspective or maybe even other planets environments would be great to see as well. the other stuff mentioned sounds great as well.

07-14-2017, 09:15 AM
I want to see how exactly the procedurally generated sandbox fits with the storytelling. At Waypoint, reporter Austin
https://youtu.be/N3k5HYk3r6E?t=358 the most skeptical summary coherent pitch he could make from what he saw of the demo of BYGE2 was it was going to have like the best action sequences of the Uncharted series, but from that action packed character developing moment of fighting in a collapsing building, you also escape across a city that is more of a freeform simulation RPG like the latest Hitman series than anything in Ratchet And Clank, supported and filled out with procedural detail in a graceful way that doesn't feel like a thinner reality like your game just turned into a screensaver but is perhaps life's less hectic more contemplative moments.

In GTA you can run into a mission trigger circle anytime and the NPC will have his nice script ready, having the same moment on the same beach, and you came just to escape a police chase and slam into the pithy cut scene where the cops have disappeared, and it is a jarring cut like I've just put in a new disk into the DVD player half way through the film. Once on PSP I'm sure they cops carried on shooting as the in engine cut scee unfolded but they were ignored. These are the always tantalising frustrating invisible walls that present opportunities for the true simulation system that is the real game to be larger and better tailored, but the linearity of another medium like film is arbitrarily imposed. How will that be avoided? If we can disrupt supply lines to cities, so there's no booze running into the cities, will there be a version of the well written cut scene where they get on with it differently without the booze, and does this consistency feed back into a different mission design? In Skyrim its even worse.

How will the big environment-changing power effect these missions? Will players testing (accidentally or on purpose) the limits of the game find that it snaps easily or that it washes its hands of them, or does it respond and cope? If its feasible to drop a space-tanker on one of these gangsters' bases we were otherwise thinking of robbing, can the story cope with that? It could be an inspiring approach for story & design to create by finding the dramatic problems of the practical scenario of what's possible. In life we are formed by our ideas and by our material capabilities. So maybe if we do that sort of damage our crew desert us. Or maybe you wouldn't want to because it would destroy the treasure maps you are looking for? Is it that these things are made practically difficult and NPCs will evacuate, so even pretty creative hi-jinks and things you figure are exploits can be supported in a coherent fiction inspired by that to make compelling sweet spot challenge to these behaviours? Will there be the sort of systems interaction of Breath Of The Wild? Can whole designed missions and cutscenes be disrupted? If its to be at all nonlinear, one solution is to take after Life Is Strange and make branching points every time access to a large piece of story content is disrupted beyond repair. If not, this will happen with extra legwork by players that simply savescum.

How many years does the game cover? I understand there is a day night cycle made by real planets but are there then seasons and city growth? And they cited Dwarf Fortress - is it like that sort of design is not in the player's hand but the fruits of it are used in development to create something living and finessed and expanded by hand, but so this just renders up a short instance of it with Action Adventure RPG progression pumped in? Can NPCs run pirate gangs not dissimilar to yours, and occupy places? I feel like in the latest Shadow Of Mordor its very binary and dry, the choice and customisation, not analogue, ambiguous, mysterious and meaningful as a city is rubber stamped yours, redecorated to a preset and not surprising at all.

Beyond Good And Evil 2 doesn't need to be Runescape does it, from the inception they design, our player-character will be bound by the premise and scenario to develop as a rogue free pirate, or slave away and die. To what extent can you play the game entirely your own way, and just be a chef in the backdrop of the story. What different focuses can there be?

Can you communicate with NPCs and call the vehicles to you or to escort you? Can you run action sequences like hopping off the back of a motorbike so a friend character takes it on the road the long way round the steep winding road, and you fight through a building up a flight of stairs onto the roof to meet the bike on the higher land on the otherside without it stopping?

Finally, unrelated to the gameplay video, will the Voyager Engine be accessible for indie developers?