View Full Version : My thoughts so far

06-23-2017, 01:04 AM
First of all, thank you for making this game! I played the original BG&E way back when on my GameCube and many years later in HD on my PS3.

What I've seen so far shows lots of love invested in the project and lots of potential to make BG&E2 a masterpiece. Here are some points I'd like to bring out:

- The speed (number) of the vehicles and jetpack didn't seem to be reflected in the game well, it appeared to be much slower. Perhaps it was because of lack of objects to compare, but it bugged me a bit.

- It was mentioned that we could create our own characters. How would that be handled? Any species are up for grabs?

- I don't mind having a large crew, but if there are too many to choose from, how feasible is it to guarantee they will be impactful characters such as the ones we love from the first game.

- Since story is really important in the first game and this is tied to that, have you considered including the original in the final project for people to enjoy the whole package? Similar to what Platinum Games did with Bayonetta 1 and 2.

Looking forward to new videos from the team and the opportunity to get my own Space Monkey Program T-shirt (or even a polo with the logo to make people ask me for which kind of company I work for, hehe)