View Full Version : SMP Considerations After The First In-Engine Demo

06-23-2017, 12:11 AM
I would like to point out that this presentation hasn't particularly impressived me... :(

I have many fears about how the final game could come because the team faces a really huge challenge, in fact I think I will resize my expectations and rely less on the forums

to avoid having a big disappointment when the game comes out ( with so much to develop I would not be surprised if it still takes years).

Anyway I wanted to talk about the fact that I did not think the video was just dedicated to SMP. In fact I could not see it on the bad (not to say anything else) BGE site, indeed in

an attempt to log on to my mobile phone and I do not know why I was signed up to SMP with my PC when I was already signed up with the PS4 ( if someone knows a way to get

rid of this inscription, I even write because I do not have a performing PC). :confused:

In the end I saw that it was also present on Ubisoft US's YT page and then I thought that those who joined the program did not have an exclusive affiliation...

To conclude, I wrote this post more to unplug me than for another :nonchalance:, probably already speaking of the program's bad is definitely too reckless, but ... boh! Keep going :p