View Full Version : Centurion pin

06-22-2017, 10:53 PM
One word: delete. Its OP in brawl and 4vs4. You cant literally do **** when his teammate(s) is/are ganking you while being pinned. Also:

- When revenge activated, centurions that wants to use pin on us MUST GET AUTOPARRIED.
- Make pin not interrupt heroes who have hyper armor like warlord/shugoki/lawbringer/warden charged bash/....

Thanks in advance with your balancing........:mad:

06-22-2017, 10:59 PM
Its just the longest CC in the game with high damage and low stamina costs. Just dodge.

06-23-2017, 10:13 AM
The centurion was brought in to tank around the many maps in death squads,,kicking,,punching,,spamming they're way to victory,,supposedly for the tin men,,Wow they proclaimed we've got the ultimate,,we've got the JagdTiger,,but now every faction has an element of players that use his vastly OP prowess.
All in all it's a scream when it does go your way in Dominion.
The loading screen comes up and shows you 3 Centurions
Reps 3,,6,,12 and a cowardly Conqueror Rep 14...some may say the ideal spammers death squad but hey what a feeling underneath your mic'less headphones when all your hear amplified the sound of battle and the word Victory..
Not one Centurion in your team,,but 2 Nobushi,,1 Kensei and 1 Shinobi...ahh the warriors of the Golden Dawn packed the spam in the can.💮💮💮

Imagine screaming Deus Vult then praising your new brother the Centurion who nailed their man to the cross,,
Just goes to show how low the treacherous tin men will stoop.