View Full Version : Scream of the Soul.

06-22-2017, 07:55 AM
Do you remember, Warriors, how did we admire this game? How do we want to take up arms and begin to crumble everything that runs to us for a meeting? Remember how we were promised a bunch of add-ons, modes, maps and characters?
*In February 2016, I learned about Fort Honor. This feeling was not transferable. Epic battles of the best warriors of past centuries: Samurai, Knights and Vikings. Graphics pleases the eyes. Sound alive, saturated, voluminous. Everything is done at the highest level.
*And what happened as a result? What happened to the screech of throwing a sword on the armor? Where did some of the impact animation go? Do you remember the moment at the exhibition, where people, I do not know who exactly, divided 4vs4 and staged a show fight? There, one Samurai hit 2 times on the right side of the Knight? The second blow was from a 360-degree turn. Where is this animation now? Correctly, it was cut out, because it is not beautiful to look. Where is the armor of the Samurai, on whose hands was chain mail? Correctly, they cut out, because the Samurai had problems with the iron, it was not there to do much to make the kolchi. Where are the sounds of iron, such as a sword about a sword or a blow with a sword on the body? That's right, they were cut out, because the sound of a sword about a sword in the form of a BELL and the impact of a WET RAG in the BODY, in the BODY, sounds much better than during the pre-alpha version. Everything is colorful, rich, colorful. There is no atmosphere of the battle that was shown to us at E3. What happened to the game? Why did they all sport before the release, when everything was already good enough?
*Result: I personally regret that I bought this "game" ...