View Full Version : The most versatile weapon ever made...

06-22-2017, 04:14 AM
And yet the only usable thing the weapon can do is shove... I guess I should add a little more detail... Lawbro is my dude... And though I am happy that he was shown some love, I think it was the wrong kind of love... He is a snooze to play and a chore to fight... Too much of the blocky blocky. And then he tickles you with his long pole. Over and over and over... The reason for this (I believe) is because his God awful attack speed... Seriously, if I'm fighting a lawbro and he throws out a heavy, I just smile, set my controller down, make a cup of loose leaf tea, warm up my scales in the summer sun, take a stroll down memory lane, then come back just in time to parry him into the dirt. I'm not saying he is trash and needs a huge buff, I'm saying he needs a bit of a rework... Like why can't he trade? He is a mountain of metal with an axe that would make a raider blush... Yet he cant do anything with it. He has a huge health pool, but with no incentive to trade, it just serves to make the fight long and boreing... I think he should act more like nobushi... He should be keeping out of your attack range and punish you for getting too close. He should be able to shove on dodge but not after every block... I use this all the time when I fight with him and it's not fun... I know the enemy doesn't like it either. But I have no other options! Speed up his lights (they don't do much damage and would serve more to harass the enemy rather than kill him... I don't know exactly what moves should be tweaked so I can't be that precise, but I think he should be reworked to be a tank and not a straw giant that he is... Mabe let him long arm cancel into a light (or mabe gb). That would add some mind games and give that long pole some much needed attention... I also think he shouldn't get a free heavy on gb... (I don't think any character should) a light, or a rhino charge that could wall splat into a heavy, but if it doesn't than youve spent 70% of your stamina for a light attack... That would encourage you not to use it every time. Just a couple suggestions... What do you guys think? What would you change about Saltbringer?