View Full Version : I'm about done with this game.

06-22-2017, 03:09 AM
Well Ubisoft, I'm 0-2 for network connectivity tonight. Booted from the first two matches in a matter of For Honor minutes (waiting in lobby for players still on this game). I was going to try and fill my daily orders, but you know what, I've had it, for awhile at LEAST. This is seriously pathetic. Something like a 50% lifetime ratio of PvP matches completed. I had just come back to this game because 'it was getting better, new season, new heroes, etc.' The network isn't any better, the micro-transactions still cost mega-money. And hey, what's with stealing my pre-order colors back, and saying they require 'season pass' now? P.S., this game really stinks. Rant over for now. P.p.s you know your player base is stretched REALLY thin when you enact a 10 MINUTE ban for leaving just one match. Found that out the other day. Geez.

06-22-2017, 03:36 AM
rather go back playing runescape than this trash game that lost 90% playerbase in 3 months. I play league as my main game and I just wanted another game so I chose this pile of dump. What a decision. Look at how bad this dump turned out to be