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06-22-2017, 02:17 AM
So I've played through the whole game, and got to Captain. Currently the two missions I find have the best re-playability are the Kobiyashi Maru and the Ongoing Voyages aboard the Enterprise.

I agree with Captain Summers that before the Devs go crazy with new bridges/ships, we need more diverse gameplay.

So here is my prediction for the first Bridge Crew Expansion based on priority:

Bridge Crew v.1.2:

- Multi Crew combat. 2 - 4 crews going head-set to head-set in space skirmishes.

- Multi Crew Mission. Devs already hinted that they tested two bridges in game where the crews communicated over view screen. I foresee a Co-Op mode between two ships.

- MORE Missions/ mission simulator/creator. Giving players a chance to create their own basic content.

- (this is unlikely but if done it would be very good)- More functionality of stations. For example: Addition of Tractor Beams. (It'd be great to use tractors to hold ships and move asteroids.)

- (this is unlikely but would be great) One new ship/bridge. Klingon Bird of Prey... The reason this makes sense for the first new bridge/ship addition, is because when crews fight one another one crew might want to play as Klingon. Also, the more agile battle focused Klingon ship with Cloaking Device would provide a good template/practical test bed for the eventual addition of the USS Defiant from Deep Space Nine, which should be a priority bridge pack for the Next Gen content which would come out sometime next year.


06-22-2017, 03:12 AM
Honestly I think you've nailed exactly what I'd love to see. I'd probably prioritize some form of new missions over multi-crew missions though.

The reason being is that the player base isn't huge yet. If you add matches that involve 8 players and everyone dives into them, you've basically cut the player base in half, because you need double the number of players for a game. I've seen this happen with other wonderful VR games before (like when hoverjunkers added private lobbies). As such, I'd suggest the devs save multiple crew and PVP missions for a down the road patch in a few months.

Tons of different ways to add new mission content. My top two would be: A, add another 5 mission campaign that ramps up in difficulty from where the first one ends. B, add several more types of ongoing missions, and try to expand the parameters of how they're generated so they're more varied and unpredictable. Right now, if you've played the game a while its obvious which ongoing variant you're playing the moment the mission starts, and then it's really just a matter of which system are we warping to this time, and how many ships are attacking?

Some plan or roadmap for adding content would be a very welcome sight, especially as I've got friends who are on the fence about VR. This game with more content would easily tip them towards a purchase.

06-22-2017, 03:16 PM
A PvP type update would be a huge amount of work, this is full blown expansion territory rather than DLC. I'd say its more likely to be something that would potentially appear in a theoretical Bridge Crew 2. Remember this is a Ubisoft game, they tend to go for regular squeals to successful games bridged by content DLCs rather than expansion. Mutli crew(ship) missions is likewise probably significant work because it would require big changes to the engine, networking, lobby, etc. Not impossible, especially if they already experimented with it but again its probably the sort of thing they'd save the the sequal.

More missions/new campaigns are the most likely dlc, possibly including a new ship/bridge. I really really hope a mission creator is forth coming too, though it'll depend on how easy it is to implement, which will in turn depend on if they gave this thought during development.

We might see the odd extra function come with dlc campaigns (like tractor beam) but I doubt they'll be much more than the token "press this button to launch a probe" function we've already got.

A Klingon DLC would be a biggie, I wouldn't get your hopes up. It would require a lot of work to create the bridge, you've got the UI design need to make it different and Klingony, you'd need Klingon character models and given all that you'd almost certainly want to include a Klingon campaign with its own voice acting and such. That said I'm sure it would sell well, it just depends if they think the effort is better spent on a big DLC, on the sequel or indeed on some other game altogether.

06-22-2017, 05:52 PM
Any upcomming DLC would heavily depend on the success of that game.
If no one plays Bridge Crew anymore they'll drop it.
Resurrecting a game by publishing a DLC doesn't work. Must be a hell of a DLC then ...and cheap.
A DLC is going to split the remaining gamers. And the Ferengi say a DLC must be profitable.
First let's see if they are going to restore our faith in that game... means a good working update maybe with some new features for free.

06-23-2017, 11:15 AM
Any upcomming DLC would heavily depend on the success of that game.
If no one plays Bridge Crew anymore they'll drop it.
Sure, but that'd be their own fault. What did they expect? That everyone strives to play the same few missions over and over again? If they don't release a bunch of new missions really soon this game will be dead in a few weeks..