View Full Version : Another (new or not?) problem

06-21-2017, 04:20 PM
So for a couple of days now (i returned to the game, bought sp, and play since saturday) it's hard for me to play 2-3 (whole) games with no problems. Re-syncs, de-syncs with ocasionally lags, instant errors when you join the session, no-reward episode, spamturions (3, or 4 per dominion game), and now a new one (problem) when i was finally able to join in, i'm left with no respawn possible situation. All i can see is "on going" battlefield (like i'm dead), and no UI aside from top right corner counters (working). Happened to me for a second time, and all i can do is leave the game, and guess what ? 10 min. penalty for leaving the game...

I really hope You (Ubisoft) will fix and balance your game soon, good luck!