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06-21-2017, 03:11 PM
First I need to make clear why is it so that the defensive meta is as strong as it is. It is because everything is reactable and punishable. That is how the game was designed in the first place. You could theoretically make the game faster so that it would be really hard to react to or...

1. Make feinting actually be feinting.
Remove the white flashing indicator entirely.

2. Add significant chip damage to heavy attacks.

Every time you attack there is a flash indicator that tells your opponent if you are just feinting now or actually pulling through with the attack. That is ridicilous. If you are feinting but your opponent knows you are feinting then you are not feinting but making a fool out of yourself.

The player who waits for his opponent to attack has an advantage because he has too much information on what is going on and has enough time to react. The white flashing indicator tells him if an attack is light or heavy and if the heavy attack is a feint or not. The red indicator or the UB indicator should remain as they are though since it can be hard from a 3rd person perspective to see where the attack is coming from.

If you do a heavy attack in the game as it is now you will get Parryed. I guarantee it. But, now. Imagine that the flash indicator won't appear to tell on you. If the opponent wants to parry your attack he would have to read your playstyle or guess right. Lets say he wants to be sure he will just block you and lets say you went through with it so you can chain another attack into a combo! Yes combos exist in this game only no one uses them because everything is getting parrye... You get my point. A kensei would be able to get to his unblockable finisher and pull it through because there is no indicator to warn his opponent if its a feint or not. Or maybe feint the second attack of the combo and thus parry bait the opponent. Imagine all the heavy combos that nobushi, raider, berserker the fat guy could do and get away with it if they didn't get punished for them every freaking time. Imagine that if you do a light attack the flashing white indicator won't tell on you if its a heavy or a light. The variety of mixed attacks would increase drastically for every character which would already make the game much better in my opinion. The game would actually become a mindgame and not continue to be a staring contest.

So, now. That we made heavy attacks and combos viable it is of utmost importance to make sure they don't just get blocked. They do cost a lot of stamina to do. If they just get blocked then they don't solve the reall problem. They are heavy attacks after all so let them do significant chip damage. Lets make the turtle do something and not just stand there and block everything.

06-22-2017, 01:47 AM
Ty for the feedback. I believe it's very likely chip damage will most likely be a new feature in the def meta update - what that will look like I can't really say yet, but I'd be more than happy to pass along the feinting indicator removal suggestion.