View Full Version : [Oculus_Rift] System Intrusion Cooldown [June Patch]

06-21-2017, 06:12 AM
Has anyone else noticed the latest patch removed separate cooldowns for System Intrusion at each station? I was on a mission as Eng and went into system intrusion after Tac exited to find an existing cooldown timer, even though this was my first access to the system.

I liked this feature as it rewarded crews that had good coordination and communication. Plus it gave something to do to Engineering when everything else is on track. It is practically a requirement with Mission 4 and the Kobiashi Maru (KM.)

I just logged into the game today after being away since June 11. I checked the patch notes and nothing was mentioned about this change.

Hopefully this is something to be added back, even if it has to be balanced with some stations having longer cooldown timers. Some crews don't communicate or coordinate and this feature penalized them with additional damage, lost rescuees in the Kobi, etc.


P.S. OOo, Eng being able to beam excess repair crews to the KM to keep the ship viable longer? <suggestion>