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06-21-2017, 01:21 AM
1. Are the guns for hire / Fangs for hire upgradable, so they maybe have a skill tree where they get extras ?
Grace maybe gets better sniper rifles, Nick maybe different types of bombs to drop, Boomer maybe different skills etc

2. With the plane which we can fly can extras be unlocked such as maybe a barrel roll or colored jets of smoke?

3. So the plane has bullets, missiles, bombs can we also drop smoke / gas / fire bombs or anything like that which we unlock in the game ?

4. Fishing is interesting but why do it, there must be a reason so could certain areas of the playable map have special things which can be caught and if so can we unlock something if we catch say a golden fish ?

5. Another fishing question, are there different rods in the game and if we catch a big fish can we set challenges to friends to try and beat the weight caught ?

6. Are vehicles upgradable, do they have any form of unlockables from weapons to handling to skins (appearance) ?

7. So the mini map is gone and we have a compass type system which scrolls, do we need to use binoculars more to find things or should we get close enough they show on the compass?

8. What are consumables are these for single player or multiplayer or both ? (they are mentioned in a pre order deal)

9. With Boomer the dog auto tagging will there be a way to switch that off if we don't want him tagging A.I. / Enemies ?

10. I really liked some of the missions in FC3 with Dr Earnhardt getting the mushroom and Brad getting the knife, also in FC4 The Hurk Mission and some at altitude with weather effects but these could not be replayed which was a shame because they were also great missions to show to a friend, so will Far Cry 5 have a way to re-start missions which have already been completed and will it have more replay value after completing it ?

11. Collecting loot was meaningless in FC3 and FC4 getting cigarette packets and crap it just had to be sold for money so why not just give money - will Far Cry 5 have a more in depth system where you find more meaningful things which have a purpose or just the same as FC3 / FC4 rubbish that is more of a chore collecting from loot boxes as it's only purpose is to sell it ?

Yes or No answers would do, just curious - I understand if you can't answer them but thought it was worth trying.


06-21-2017, 10:20 AM
Hey there,

Thank for all the questions! I'm afraid that I won't be able to answer them yet to avoid any type of spoil and I'll have to tell you to stay tuned for future announcement, but I'll bring your thread to the attention of the rest of the team. :)



06-21-2017, 01:07 PM
No problem thank you for the reply.

It was worth me trying :p
(Going to send you a PM as I have a question I am trying to get help with)

06-29-2017, 08:15 AM
Ok myself and Steve 64 (Steve Botter) were throwing a few ideas out there and discussing the wingsuits return, so Steep is getting a rocket pack I wondered about the chances of unlocking something like this after say completing the Far Cry 5 main story.

It doesn't look as good as I had hoped so maybe have more flames coming out of the back and a way to emit smoke possibly even different colors.

I would love to see either the plane get an upgrade or that rocket pack have something like the above - I know it would only be for showing off and only beneficial if playing in coop unless these things worked in multiplayer which would also give your position away unless you could use smoke as a way to disorientate players by flying close and releasing it.

So Steve said about Nick upgrading the plane with a mounted gun and we briefly said how the plane is a crop duster so could it be converted to drop liquid which ignites, maybe some kind of poison - Steve said you need a mission where you have to burn some marijuana fields and the enemy briefly get whacked out of their skull from the fumes so you can go in and complete the mission with them acting all dozy.

Hoping we get to unlock different patterns for the wingsuit again that would show in solo / coop / multiplayer.

Looking at the tractor I am thinking that there are maybe different upgrades, the one above has those spikes for picking up hay bales.
Standard one above from the Ubisoft website.
http://i880.photobucket.com/albums/ac6/MrTibarata/Far%20Cry%205/Tractor_zpsygheqvdx.jpg (http://s880.photobucket.com/user/MrTibarata/media/Far%20Cry%205/Tractor_zpsygheqvdx.jpg.html)
http://i880.photobucket.com/albums/ac6/MrTibarata/Far%20Cry%205/Tractor1_zpsvyhjs1ti.jpg (http://s880.photobucket.com/user/MrTibarata/media/Far%20Cry%205/Tractor1_zpsvyhjs1ti.jpg.html)
So hoping for some fun upgrades or differences in vehicles and attachments, would even like one of the muscle cars to have a nitro / boost that might be one time only or recharge, Steve said how about an upgrade for a water vehicle like a propulsion system? maybe have an option so that those who don't want to use any fun attachments can have vehicles set as standard - Sunday Drivers we call them in the UK they do below the national speed limit and take all day to get from A to B:p