View Full Version : PvE to PvP

06-20-2017, 09:30 PM
What I would love to see is the BEST from AC/Blackflag put in motion...

1. Sea Battles (as been already laid out).... This is "forced" PvP, It IS the open sea after all. You can't very well be a PIRATE and not have other PIRATES and GOVERNMENTS trying to stop you.
2. World Quests ... PvE . This is were YOU get to RAID warehouses, PICK pockets, and all the nice things PIRATES do while ashore. (not getting caught by local cops/bribes).
3. Island or Base building ... In black flag we got to get an island and customize it. Isn't that one of a PIRATES dreams, having a home base to come back to. ......
Here is were it can get WILD, Have your base tooo well known, and GOVERNMENTS will start to SEEK IT OUT to destroy it. Also... being WELL KNOWN gets you seen my OTHER PIRATE guilds (can you say PIRATE GUILD RAIDS).
4. Not counting all the LEGENDS out there (Krakens, Sirens, Ship Wrecks, etc.)... But were do you get the information for their locations ?? Comes back to #2 (World Quests, and asking questions in bars and brothels).

06-21-2017, 02:17 PM
There will be no inland experience, so no raid or pickpocket... And yes you will have your own outpost