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06-20-2017, 05:47 PM
Michel Ancel and his friends already said that our crewmates will reflect our choices and adventures. Does that mean that two different players might indeed end up having a vastly different crews at the end of their playthroughs? Will the character pool be big enough to support this? I get an impression that guys and gals at Montpellier don't want to have this system where the game will randomly pick available building blocks and generate crew members with no backstory, I think that what they wanna do is create this vast roster of characters made from scratch with at least a bit of characterisation per pirate, but who knows, maybe I'm wrong.

I really do wonder if future pirates we'll be able to come across will be randomized to a certain extend and if some of the missions will offer different recruits every time we start a new game. Or maybe everything about assembling our team of galactic badasses will be more or less like it was in ME series where we have the exact same mission with exact same crew member as a reward every time (not that it's a bad thing, hell no) and all we'll be able to do really is pick missions in different order during our playthroughs.

Everything we know about crewmates so far sounds crazy ambitious to me... just like everything else about this game. If BG&E2 will really end up having this very rich collection of crazy and unforgettable characters like Knox, Shani and so on that will allow for slightly/vastly different experience every time, then I think I'll be having difficulties picking my jaw up off the floor.

06-20-2017, 06:24 PM
By the way, there's this thing concerning crewmates I've been thinking about. What if the player will be able to take one or two of his pirate friends with him/her when he's/she's about to explore a planet (just like in ME games and... well, BG&E, too) and those pirate friends will have different skills? Imagine shark and rhino hybrids excelling at melee combat, other guys being great at sniping/ranged combat, some other dudes being able to blow up certain walls and expose hidden entrances, other mates serving as hunters that track down hidden treasures, some pirates excelling at hacking stuff... That would make exploration so cool and absorbing. Just imagine discovering some sort of fortress filled with guards and underground tunnels with plenty of old walls to blow up that hide some intersting stuff first during recon and then coming back with appropriate crew members to beat the ever-living hell out of all the hostiles with your rhino fellow and then ordering your explosives-happy mate to blow anything that might be hiding something cool!

I don't want to make any big assumptions and make my expectations too big to fulfill, but I think that this might really be something that could find its way into BG&E2 in one form or another.

06-20-2017, 10:01 PM
Absolutly in a Ign article they clearly said that some will be main character everybody will have the same, but there will be other crewmates who will be randomly generate and differs from player depending on our choices, where we travel etc.

They seems to implement a nemesis system like in mass effect where our choice have a impact on the history.
We can't say how deep it will be, but we could assume BGE2 will have a great replayability.