View Full Version : 4vs4 graphic bug since the order fix

06-20-2017, 01:15 PM
Dear ubi

My pc runs fine at 60 fps in all gamemodes (duel/brawl/4vs4) before you fixed the orders on PC.

But now, every time i join any 4vs4, i have 60 fps first for a while. But then everytime in the middle of the match, it always drops to 40 fps. Everything goes slower and shows more stuttering. I never had this BEFORE the order fix. For to fix this, i have to restart my game EVERY TIME AFTER EVERY MATCH!

Can you confirm that you perhaps have introduced a graphic bug by accident? A lot of players are having the same issue on PC. Or at least tell us how this could happen now and not in the past 4 months?!