View Full Version : Requests: 1. Heroes III for macOS. 2. Cross-platform multiplayer. 3. Expansions.

06-19-2017, 03:39 PM

I am an apple and heroes 3 fan.

I played all heroes titles even heroes 1 when I was young.

Please make me and people who love the only true heroes game happy:

1. Make Heroes 3 for Mac please.
2. Please make ipad/pc/mac cross platform multiplayer.
3. Please release an expansion to HOMM3. If the case with lost source code is truth then please release YOUR OWN EXPANSION - a totally new one. I will buy it for macos and ios. All heroes 3 fans will surely buy it. You know you can do it. You know that iOS (iPad users) will give you money. Do it for us!

Kind regards,
Old-school Heroes III fan.

PS. All other heroes titles are not the same. There is no better heroes game than heroes 3. Thus, please develop it more! You have a holy grail in your hands. Use it wisely, do not waste it. Make heroes 3 famous again!