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06-18-2017, 11:13 PM
Science officers console please!
This could integrate very well with existing game mechanics, albeit it should probably be only available on certain ships, and not all.
Features I can see working well from this console;

Enhanced sensors - this could allow for missions requiring transporter lock on identified individuals/objects as defined by a mission objective. Also Deep Scans on Anomalies etc. could reveal attributes usable by other posts.

Reconfigure Torpedo/Probe - Ability to retrofit a Photon Torpedo or perhaps more appropriately a Probe to

-Deliver subspace burst disabling all comms in a limited area for 'xx' seconds (hits both friend and foe comms for balance)

-Dispatch probe(s) to a specific map location and prime as a proximity mine. They have limited lifetime (self detonate after a period), and you have a very limited number - no more than x on the map at any given time)

-Remote sensor relay - get deep scans from target area at long range

Tractor beam control - allows 'some' objects (defined by the mission) to be captured or repelled for a limited time (drains a lot of engine power while in use)

Repurpose/Remote control a Shuttle craft - can use a point'n click waypoint system on local map to send a shuttle out to use as a sensor decoy, or remote scan an area or personnel retrieval in environments that are preventing transporter use. You only get one.

Deflector control - can temporarily reconfigure deflector dish to emit one of a variety of energy pulses/burst in a single one-off shot that will either;

-Disable all weapons technology in blast area for xx seconds

-Disable all shield technology in blast cone for xx seconds

-Destabilise warp fields in blast area for xx seconds (Prevent ship(s) from maintaining a stable warpfield and warping away).

Obviously these would be no fun as overpowered automatic 'I win' buttons, so to make them more situational some might need to have massive cool downs before you can use again, or simply not be available on all maps - I dunno.

A lot of this hinges on having mission scenarios that can utilise these features. Proper full adventure missions where you discover something, unravel a mystery, take action to change a situation etc. etc.

What other features might work well from the science console?

06-19-2017, 08:09 AM
Not sure I agree precisely with your wishlist of functions, but the idea that mechanics need a boost in complexity allowing for greater tactical options like this is what I feel should be the #2 priority. #1 would be game content with some sense of progression.

Anyway, great thoughts on your part and exactly the kind of thing I hope this game holds in the future.