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06-18-2017, 11:38 AM
I'm making this vehicle model inspired by The Fifth Element's chinese food vendor. I'd love to have a variation of it appear in the game. Should be finished in 2-3 months.

For full development Imgur gallery go here (http://imgur.com/a/iukw8).

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Original post:

You can see the whole ship at 1:23.

I think it'd fit the universe perfectly. To add a hybrid slave, I immediately thought of the goose from Kung Fu Panda.

I'd love to see this happen. I might make some 3D models and animations myself, just to illustrate.

06-18-2017, 12:48 PM
I had a Fifth Element vibe through the chase scene! The music the city and the chase itself, felt like a scene from the movie. I love that movie :D

06-18-2017, 06:16 PM
A ducky sapiens? oh xD

06-19-2017, 09:34 AM
Thanks. I'm somewhat capable in 3D so I'll give it a go myself. Could take months though.

07-08-2017, 04:48 PM

It's not a boat because I like buses. I took my existing bus model and put some stuff on it. I'm a bit worried it won't fit the game's art style, but I still have a long way to go. I'm curious about what people think. I think I'm at about 15% of progress.

I'd love to know if the BGE team would ever consider implementing community created assets into the game, if the asset looked good enough and fit the game's art style. I'd be happy to modify/optimize the model as they'd like, to make it as easy as possible to get it into the game. How far does the Space Monkey Program go?

I don't even know if the team reads these forums. But I'll finish the model no matter what happens. As a fan art, if nothing else. I know one thing for sure, it's my dream to fly around in this thing and pretend to sell noodles.

07-08-2017, 05:39 PM
WOW! Amazed to see how eager BG&E fans are! I think never expected something like this so early... Michel and the entire BG&E2 team must be so pleased :D:D:D

07-09-2017, 10:47 PM
First of, I don't want to rain on anyone's parade. I'm going to go on a limb and say, I don't think any community made assets will make into the shippable product. That being said, don't stop! There is a possibility the game will support mods, officially or unofficially, maybe even get paid like some soe games. You could be featured by the studio. Depending how much you progress you could score a job as a 3D artist, even be working at Montpellier.

And of course, I could be wrong. There's edge cases of it happening, theres even cases of a competition to get fan content in game, like star citizen for example.

07-10-2017, 08:02 AM
Ok then, if you have any reason to believe that. I thought "Space Monkey Program" meant something more than just getting early builds.

Not caring about optimization will save me from a couple of headaches a should speed up the creation process.

07-10-2017, 11:38 AM
Nice job !

Continue what you are doing, even if it's not featured in the game it could give them ideas and it will continue to amaze us ;)

07-10-2017, 08:33 PM
I hope the devs will check here by to take this in and make it fit into the gameworld