View Full Version : When you accept and adapt

06-18-2017, 05:48 AM

I main Orochi since open beta. And it has been one hell of a ride. the learning curve for Orochi is simple and easy at first. and then you feel lost like you have never the hero before LOL. and suddenly you coonect with hero and be able to fight with ease and win. Mostly against attacker. people who turtle and defend very good will give a hard time. But you can win sometimes against them, Just not as often as you think. Orochi description says: counter attacker. its true 100% but player will accept that so you need to also play ofensivly and defend when needed. i know for a fact that i have no chance to win out right against any hero in the game. Unless i was willing to far beyond 110% in every fight to ensure victroy. by minimizing my mistakes and capatalize on his. the reason i say this is not because i consider myslef a bad player, or a good one. its just facts that when you combine the hero specifcs and game mechanics you are at a disadvantge unless if they attack blindliy. i know a samurai weilding a katana could do much more than this and hold his wn against atleast 2 opponets. but with every lose and win i relize that i have to accept that this is what it is, And how to utilize it to my advantge.

Any comments on my for honor stats? ( check the link at the top of the post)
do i make valid points or just utter nonsense?