View Full Version : anAn achievement on its own

06-17-2017, 11:00 PM
Dear developers.

You managed to create one of the most interesting IPs of the last decade. Your combat system is pioneering and the mood ingame is excellent. Its fresh, wonderful and full of new ideas.

Sadly, it is also o e of the biggest **** ups i have ever seen. The German language is famous for its word creations like kindergarten, blitzkrieg or donaudampfschifffahrtskapitäntmützenständer (yes, this is an actual word). Some words are more deep and describe a certain feeling like zeitgeist or weltschmerz. When I think of for honor, three words come to my mind. Verschlimmbessern, kaputtreparieren und rumpfuschen. I don't think, that they can't be translated properly but they describe the way the devs are working on this game - and sadly not in a positive way.

Let's take a basic thing you have changed lately. Guard switching. If you actually played your game or thought about it for half a second, you might have cone to the conclusion, that this is a big buff for all slower heroes. If slower, yet balanced or strong heroes get a buff, without losing something in return, they become too strong. That's what happened. I get the feeling, that you are becoming more and more disconnected from your own game and that you are going to destroy it in the process.

Your bots are acting more and more strange with every update. They are not getting better - they only start to break the games rules and abuse warm ups of attacks to punish players. Its obvious, that you bit the bottom. "mit dem Latain am ende sein". As we like to say.

You killed one of the brightest hopes for gaming in 2017 and that's a sad achievement of its own.