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06-17-2017, 07:30 PM
Now that we have the new guard switch timing for some heros I think it's time to explain some things. Originally (imo) the devs used switching speed and blocking as balancing factors to seperate the classes. However as we found out assassins were just better at mind games due to this. and while non reflex guard heros were great at blocking they couldn't really apply pressure. Which just further forced things into a parry state.

If you've been playing for a long time you've probably notice that while playing an assassin you can switch your guard in time to block but you still eat the hit anyway.
Now we are noticing with the other people's times brought up that they can switch to block instantly. but they can't parry instantly. Where as assassins can.

As with most things in this game these things are about animations. To put it simply your animation of switching HAS to finish in order to block/parry. Sort of.
This is where the guard switch type comes into play. With assassins you're not blocking until you've completed the animation. however they have the game setup so you can ATTACK before the animation is completed. this is why assassins can parry things normal heros can't. and why they can flail their guard around and parry on reaction.

Where as people who don't have the reflex guard are always BLOCKING. But the animation has to finish before they can attack (parry.) This became more obvious with the new switch times on certain heros. parry timing hasn't changed. and people like warden feel the same since their switch time is the same as their attack time. IMO this along with assassins not being able to block well on reaction like non reflex characters is not a bug. and the only reason parrying feels off with these new stance changes is because you're used to the slower guard. (unless ofc i'm totally wrong and their new switch speeds are not on par with people like warden.)

Another mini thing to bring up is animation queing. this is more apperent on console due to lower FPS. Lets take valk as an example. If you tried to switch your guard to respond to her attack but you timed it wrong and ate the hit and then you tried to switch to the next direction to block/parry you'll still eat the hit. this is because after the first hit your character still hasn't completed the first animation. so it goes to do that. and THEN it will try to switch. This is more impactful on reflex guard heros because they are not always blocking.

So basically TLDR with heros like nobushi youll have to wait till your animation finishes entirely before you can parry. This patch didn't buff parrying. Just blocking. Which imo is fine. I don't think heros who always have block up should be able to have lightning quick parries like assassins. that would be too much power imo.

06-18-2017, 12:15 AM
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07-04-2017, 03:16 AM
I only cant agree w this line:

IMO this along with assassins not being able to block well on reaction like non reflex characters is not a bug.

Its so unfair not be able to block properly since assassin have lower hp.

nice post!