View Full Version : Can't do it anymore

06-17-2017, 07:28 PM
I love the idea of this game but the execution has been terrible. Dealing with OP characters is fine, I've adjusted. Dealing with the insane amount of bugs, glitches, and exploits is fine, I learned long ago Ubi is a trash developer (sorry but you are). Constant disconnects on some days is infuriating but it's P2P. 30 fps is a joke and is a huge reason most console players complain about light attacks.

The thing that has made me give up on this game is It's blatant lack of concern for this game. Stop throwing micro transactions in our faces when your game is so broken. You want us to spend more money? Fix the game. Take all your developers for cosmetics and put them on hold. Hire some programmers to help get this sorted out.

What did we complain about in season 1? Light spam, unlockable spam, 50/50 BS. So what did you do? Put all that into the new characters. I mean you nerfed Shugoki's Oni Charge into free heavy and gave it to Shinobi except you made it better. The tracking on that thing is rediculous.

I don't get it Ubi, it's like you want this game to die. Watching you these last couple months has been sad. You finally patch something only to add 2 more problems. Nothing has gotten better, with every patch new bugs or exploits are being found. This game feels like it's been developed by an amateur Indie team instead of a huge AAA company. Sorry but you have lost what little respect you had from so many people I wouldn't be surprised if you disappear in the next couple years. There will always be die hard and random casuals to play your game but I'm afraid there won't be enough to keep you going and that's sad.