View Full Version : Thank you For Honor Devs!

06-17-2017, 05:17 AM
Thanks for taking a gigantic s**t all over your garbage fire of a game with the centurion and, yes, you guessed it, the shinobi!! Just spent the first half of a dom match being thrown on the ground and pretty much molested by two centurions who felt the need to run around together and have zero respect for anyone or anything. Then I decided I'd rather not stick around for that s**t and left the match. And was banned for ten minutes. And then I turned the game immediately the f**k off. Thanks for the big f**k you to anyone who cared about actual competition or test of skill on this cesspool of a game, home now only to sad losers who hate themselves and everyone else . . . It's so depressing to know that with just a few major changes to this game it could actually be really good. But they will never come. Sad.