View Full Version : I have some ideas :D (view and say your opinion !!)

06-16-2017, 06:29 PM
I have only 3 ideas in my mind, so I talk about it:

The first is to talk about the parents of Jade, and how they have knew Pey' J.

The second is the origins of ISIS (I listened that Pey`J is the leader of this organitation, but I don`t know).

The third is to talk about "Shauni" (wtf is shauni v:?), the Aramis pearls and the Psycho-Karma (?)

And finally the things who B:G&E 2 has to have:
- The planet Hillys with the HTV television program (plz ), and the Moon :D.
- The Beluga (built by the father of Jade and Pey`J)
- F*ck*** Optima Company (xD).
- A good story that make me an infarct.
- A good optimization for make me happy.
- Good graphics (who need good graphics? I only need the story omg :V)
- Good dramatical music (xd).
- Surprise scenes (f****** crochaxs)
- All characters playable, plz I need to play with Dakini, I think she's the mother of Jade D: (it's a posibility), has big green eyes like Jade and the camera position make me HYPE V:

- And more things that I don't care because the game donīt need that :D (If you are an english speaker, you can correct me because my english s*cks)