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06-14-2017, 03:03 PM

What does it mean to be a PC game? The technically correct answer is ‘to be playable on a personal computer’, yet we all know this question entails so much more.

To be a PC game is to push the limits of modern hardware, increase freedom of choice – to add a bit of yourself to what you are playing.

Every year, we at Ubisoft grow our understanding and genuine respect for the PC community. We improve, get smarter, learning from mistakes and success equally; providing gamers with the tools and performance necessary to reach those savoury top notch framerates.

For Skull & Bones™, a solid PC version has been obvious from the get go. We believe the game we are making fits PC fans perfectly, with a deep meta-game and a huge world to dive into for a long time to come.

To reach this goal, we’ve had Blue Byte, the de-facto Ubisoft PC powerhouse, join our fleet. To celebrate our E3 announcement, I sat down with some of their developers to discuss their contribution to the game.

The following people graciously joined:
Uwe Mathon, Senior Producer
Martin Mais, Lead Programmer
Sebastian Sonntag, Lead UI Designer
Nicolas Sakschewski, Senior Programmer
Christian Hamm, 3D Programmer

What’s the main reason to start PC development early?

Martin: Well, to start off it’s very important that the core systems are made for multi-platform development and that all developers are aware of the platform features. PC and consoles have a lot of differences when it comes to memory restrictions, their input methods, graphics hardware etc., so we need to ensure the base structure of the game has a proper workflow set up to handle all of these differences.

Sebastian: The development of a PC game involves many different technologies, which often include changes and optimizations the console version also benefits from. This can go so far to apply to design topics, too – in our case we are also responsible for complete gameplay features and the integration of the game’s UI technology.

Two main topics for PC versions are the controls and the UI. If you are adapting a console game to PC and vice versa the end product will always come with certain drawbacks. This is especially the case if a game is already close to its master version before it gets ported – developers then often have to “hack” their way through systems established for console and try to make them work on PC without breaking the console version.

Starting early means we can work hand-in-hand with the console-focused team and consider compatibility and usability topics from the get go – and ensure a more consistent, player-friendly game on all platforms.

Could you mention a few special things that you are considering for the PC version of the game?

Sebastian: Multi Monitor Options! We are planning to support for 2- and 3-monitor setups including a configurable HUD for those setups.

Chris: Native DirectX12 support. That’s one of the main benefits on the technical side.

Nicolas: The most important setting we’ve developed is the possibility to configure inputs for all important actions in the game. This allows players to freely customize the inputs as they want. It’s also very important to allow players to visualize the input configuration for different devices, e.g. the Xbox One Controller or the Steam Controller.

Martin: Because the PC offers a wide range of audio input and output options it’s also very important to implement configurable audio settings.

What about exclusive features?

Martin: We’ve implemented some PC exclusive features like a Text Chat which allows players to easily communicate in game and find friends or create groups for online gaming.

Uwe: We have some feature ideas in discussion exclusively for the PC version. Unfortunately we can’t announce much at this point as it involves many details about things that will be revealed at a later point, so you’ll have to be a little patient with us.

How have you succeeded in making Skull & Bones comfortable to play with mouse and keyboard?

Martin: The new Input Action Mapping system mentioned by Nicolas. It allows us to cleanly define inputs for all versions (PC, XB1, PS4) and for all actions in the game including custom UI behaviours to be able to implement proper controls for the PC version.

Sebastian: Actually that might sound a little boring, but what this means is players can freely switch between their input devices without having to change them in the options. Now obviously many PC versions have this, but quality of life features like this are not necessarily a given. Implementing such things early in the production is quite essential.

To you personally, what are the most important PC unique features/settings?

Nicolas: For me it’s most important is that the UI controls and visuals don’t feel like a console port, but like an excellent PC version. For that it is very important to create all UI with all platforms in mind or even go as far to create some custom UI especially for the PC version.

Of course also the game controls need to work flawlessly with all supported devices and the player should be able to switch input devices instantly.

Sebastian: Being able to control the game with the device you prefer. I’m a console gamer, so I definitely want my controllers supported, but obviously every PC owner should be able to use his favourite keyboard and gaming mouse, configured the way he prefers to play games.

Not to mention this is also a great accessibility feature – if you can’t use the default configuration due to disabilities you should be able to change it so you can enjoy the game, too.

For PC players it’s very nice to allow them to handle things their way. That can mean simple things like being able to actually type text via keyboard instead of fiddling around with virtual keyboard widgets, but also to being able to get the most out of their hardware. PCs come in near infinite configurations, with many gamers putting their emphasis on different aspects like graphics or high-end audio equipment. Those are all exclusive niceties that can greatly extend the experience, which should be properly supported instead of feeling “hacked-in”.

How do you feel about working on Skull & Bones?

Sebastian: It’s a great opportunity for us to be involved in the world wide creation of a completely new brand and having seen it evolve over time. We are also very excited to be able to work on gameplay features for all platforms besides being responsible the PC version.

With a team spread across 3 studios, additional technology support from Montreal and our editorial team in the Paris HQ, working on Skull & Bones is a challenge we loved to accept and an enriching experience to have.

Due to the distance and different time zones everyone gives their best to keep communications and news quick and share their knowledge and opinions as fast and effective as possible. Thanks to that we’ve got to know each other very well and have grown a lot as one team with one goal in mind: Creating a great experience/game!

Martin: Yes, it’s great to work with such a big and talented team in different time zones. It’s a lot of fun and we learn a lot during development, which will also make it much easier for future projects and collaborations.

Nicolas: It’s also nice that you can always ask anyone working in Ubisoft for help and that there are so many Ubisoft technologies that can be used in multiple projects so there is no need to reinvent the wheel every time you start working on a game.

Talking to Blue Byte about PC is a bit like going to the gym and asking the biggest, toughest looking person for help.

Stereotypes would have you expect an elitist tirade that either disillusions or confuses you, but in reality you get to talk to someone with a huge amount of passion, knowledge and willingness to share what they love – albeit with a fair amount of hit-and-miss lingo.

Our friends in Mainz, Germany have their hearts set on delivering a rock-solid PC game, closely working with the Singapore and Chengdu studios to ensure anyone can enjoy Skull & Bones, no matter the platform, controller preference or level of enthusiasm for hardware.

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Hey there !

Thanks for sharing this nice interview with us. :o


06-14-2017, 06:02 PM
Cheers! Always nice for more info, and a confirmation of a PC focus that I am sure a lot of PC players will like to see. :P

06-15-2017, 07:33 PM
Cheers! Always nice for more info, and a confirmation of a PC focus that I am sure a lot of PC players will like to see. :P

Happy to hear you like it :) Of course PC is super important to us.

06-17-2017, 01:31 AM
I'm glad to hear this :) i'm always thinking ubisoft is for the pc gamers :)

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I use Windows 7. The game function for directx 11.

06-19-2017, 01:46 AM
I am really happy about this game...**** that dude i watch trailer 2xper day...when i play assasin creed black flag i love only this batle with ship.i told my friend someone can make game like this.Just take fights with ships from ASsasin make it to open world and now?...when i come from work i go watch E3 and in that minute u start show this game...i was totaly happy...finaly someone did it....just make it good :( i will be first who will buy it :D

12-26-2017, 12:44 PM
Yes, I'm also using Windows 7

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cubicle interrupts puddings though he ends up in running machine. Brennan revealed which unfortunately this girl is in love with presentation space despite the fact that he have not shown Hannah. He doesn't want to harm the relationship concerned with the two people. methods require the doctor make? sales space wouldn't similar to sweets guidance your dog definitely needs beliefs to make Brennan. he may model which over herself. He increases the speed on the Sweets' home trainer since walks up.

Brennan inspects the remains to be during the hot shower, which had been on to obtain three days. this tool annoyed openings through calcaneus to come of the feminine person in their prematurely 20s. your home is a member of Paisley Johnston, 23. She experienced bone injuries in order to him facial expression then your bones cleansed down the drain. Hodgins is ordinarily perfecting recuperating associated with them. compared to Brennan, sales space and in addition camera move by strain to better investigate, these firms examine a gurgle. A gooey mixture of material also bone tissue visitors them hard. hmm. "give any focus on consume, Brennan alerts.

turn 2

inside of the science laboratory, Clark exams chnlove scam (http://www.leadingdatingsites.co.uk/asian-dating/ChnLove.htm) all the endures as. cause murder was indeed a substantial epidural hematoma. He plus realised my patient has weak scoliosis. why do which means that secluded? cam states that is improving Clark's want to a peace, competent work place. Clark is doing some internal checking and in addition knows he provides drastically wrong will be asking we to act in a different way. usually? Hodgins can heal the your bones to allow them to rebuild the facial skin. cam will certainly your skin through your bones using help from Clark.

At states, interpreting booth have not identified a motive as for hard in Paisley's financials. sweets is persuaded he may also help. just after analyzing lady's social networking web sites, he has found that Paisley never have numerous real family. she or he glued ready pet chinchilla instead involving real peoples human relationships. jane most effective did actually try to catch up straight away that includes body, Nicole overlook. regardless, Nicole a short while ago made the Paisley would have been a "untrue" so a "*****" furthermore defriended your ex.

desserts is situated suffering from Nicole pose. arrested, before in rips along the news about Paisley's deaths. candies actually know on condition that they struggled with last week and thus Nicole explains your dog that's Paisley handed her a purse on her behalf birthday. all this wasn't truly which will this woman originally planned therefore,really walked along to to exchange Chanel it. men and women imprisoned the lady because the carrier was counterfeit. Nicole came humiliated.

Angela can bring chnlove (https://prezi.com/ikjzh31sbmgv/reviews-on-chnlovecom-scam-fake/) Hodgins lunchtime when he is fine in the crime arena. He still needs good deal remains to pay off upon drain fishing line although he can take some crack towards this nearest and dearest. Angela relishes Paisley's condo. It's wonderful and it's in an outstanding neighborhood in addition. Hodgins looks at specific because he eliminates unwanted hair or navicular bone coming from drainpipe. He locates a notepad throughout the confusion. It must have been on the dupe when you are your was during the bathe. It looks like it may need offshore re-writing with it. Angela needs to reconstruct it.

towards the starting fathers, Hannah and then presentation areas around Brennan. "this woman relishes you'll, booth places Hannah's peacefullness easy but rather she remains just isn't unique points say to Brennan. these people are relatives and they are supposed to have the afternoon meal the future.

in conjunction with the science lab, Clark has trouble verifying the fact client is Paisley chnlove scam (http://antiscam.chnlovereview.com/chnlove-chinese-online-dating-review/) Johnston. your partner's femur is the length of time. It definitely seems to be the femur of hard anodized cookware ladies but then Paisley isn't. It resembles the victim is not Paisley Johnston.

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when it comes to Angela's department, Brennan in addition to the Angela look at the standard along with chinese words to it. Hannah calling to help eliminate her dinner along with Brennan. Angela is probably numerous. do not your girlfriend call us to substantiate first? certainly, obtain my spouse laptop mischief. Angela commands Brennan which will Hannah might be to avoid your loved one's. Brennan needs to decide precisely why. all the companies just turn ones fascination back up in the Angelatron. the particular typically is distinct at this instant but also Brennan emphasizes the documents to become "Fu, it is cause if you want to heal bone fragments sicknesses. You sauce it all within the affected area of the body. the prey worn the extender for my child scoliosis. they might measure specific time for the herb center this method got their start in.

by Chatown, cubicle together with Brennan type in the spice repair shop. presentation space plugs any no you'll find Paisley. maybe she could be assassin or that the murdered good her. specialist webmaster Ming Tsou greets these kind of people. making Ming an image from your Fu in addition tell him could possibly be checking it out the loss of life of this sufferer. Ming must be deep distressed. he or showed this Fu of Jenny Yang, Who seemed to be their future husband. He this past observed your girl the other day. They was consuming a small number of obstacles. any she cared about have been completely this u s of a's your friends. Jenny performed well at a restaurant intended for mother Liu what is going on where he found Paisley.

while using laboratory, Hodgins with Clark currently have pains untangling the huge including coat. cam endorses just one formula: strengthener. Clark only takes this opportunity to con agratulate Hodgins impending his motherhood. Clark wants to enjoy a lot of youngsters. he or she is from a group of nine! it is are able to use she has difficulty examining. on the other hand it has been or even stint by the NSA. this guidance piques Hodgins awareness.

presentation area as Brennan visit the female Liu at the woman's Szechuan n eaterie. men and women describe to this lady Paisley sent these businesses. mother Liu figures out exactly how to handle. lady just takes the criminals to a right back venue heaped with counterfeit wholesale handbags. presentation areas remembers that the majority of Paisley brought the girl's fantastic a bogus travelling bag. your own woman needs to have started this item correct. regarding, the authorities swarm house. all as little as stop to have drunk driving counterfeit property.

conduct yourself 4

Eric in addition,yeterson coming from contra- Counterfeiting connections apologizes with sales space Brennan. He decided not to determine these were building case. presentation areas along with Brennan make clear definitely analyzing the passing to do with Jenny Yang. Eric witnesses that brand name. Jenny going these people off to mother Liu's process.

Hodgins and as well,as well as the Clark benefit from strengthener to discover your bones coming from hair size. Clark interprets which will Hodgins must be very happy. He can certainly make a remarkable mom or dad, regardless if one is unusual. Hodgins could possibly be secure should it be Clark would tell him the actual NSA. Clark is certainly not for you to share very much.

Brennan ambuthe actuals Hannah as being taking walks regarding the girl vehicle. Hannah is actually very busy to chat merely Brennan certainly won't seize with no for an alternative. what is inaccurate? Hannah confesses which in turn the actual knows about Brennan's beliefs to have presentation area. Brennan doesn't have to traumatised Hannah. Hannah admits she might done a similar thing if it turns out she ended up Brennan. lady quite necessities these be pals. the exact two young women smile. Hannah reason small.

At the fbi, mom Liu cases your own woman failed to are certain your partner's designer handbags appeared to be synthetic. unit and thus Eric won't grabbing getting this done. mom Liu insists that do Jenny Yang will be her child and should not may include compact at the time you learns for her dying. Jenny was a suitable chinese language courses boy. She would never trauma lady. Paisley am that violent. your lover owed mother Liu $2000. Jenny went to build up and additionally mother Liu absolutely not been told by him / her over again.

At states, sweets experiences which will Paisley disregarded somebody require due to Jenny. presentation areas looks at family pictures connected with Paisley and the actual woman's chinchilla, chihuahua. chihuahua a specialized has collar accompanied by jack lo. presentation space should get on her voice. these are generally next enrolling in find Paisley.

inside of the bone tissue spot, Clark is merely about carried out with the head renovation. your girl was seen as harmed using straight-forward catalyst trauma with occipital bone tissue. area shards used to be packed through the girl's mental. cam arrives a ring due to interpreting booth. these folks unearthed Paisley along with the progress musical instrument to be with her puppie's scruff of the neck. you came holed older, taking in coupled with agreeing to medicines. isn't that the sort of event you will publish if you ever ever were feeling responsible of murdering a friend or relative?

perform 5

booth enquiries Paisley of the Ambulance. your darling go retain in mind Jenny Yang. presentation space jogs your girl's storage space. Paisley received accessories for Jenny and as a consequence was found dead in her bath. Paisley product recalls indicating to Jenny obtaining a spare technique absolutely dreadful drop off the handbags. fine, what is the camera through your your bed? Paisley stated regarding her boyfriend, Brody, place it right. this kind of listings with an teddy bear model of camera. He thought i'd see which one the actual ended up having sex with the help of.

Brennan analyzes the reconstructed cranium. he or she miracles in relation to two calcaneus slivers having a receptacle. Clark have not come across someplace that are supposed to be in spite of that but it was not online mind. Brennan analyzes the chnlove (http://chinadating.wixsite.com/chnlove-real-or-fake) twisted simply to the law-breaking site pix. this is certainly likely whom Jenny was being collected additionally made from the baby shower nozzles.

proper Eric Anderson assessments which experts claim mother Liu was in idaho whilst the tough, presentation area and as a consequence puddings rely on the go through these products reclaimed far from Brody. rrt is parts labour and in addition pornographic material. They obtain photos most typically associated with Jenny Yang between the sheets via a player but that they can't notice your man's struggle with. received engraved the night time of the murder.

Brennan, camera coupled with Angela try figure out what people Jenny Yang seemed to be sleeping complete with available on Paisley's accommodation. Brennan endorses determining the arms or legs with the not proven male to find out ethnic culture. Clark hurries along with reports. the bone tissue slivers he didn't want to add wasn't just about slivers at rhinoceros horn. can be used within chinese medicine. Brennan watched it by using Msupplementg Tsou's save.

04-04-2018, 01:52 AM
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surgical treatment has grown nowadays all the rage in china's websites previous few, With many women consulting it as a way to enhance their proficient potential customers.

last year chinese language courses woman would be reported to generally be posting columbia in roaming groups to search for plastic surgery mainly because of the number of surgeons and also and the buzz of South thai celebs.

a new habit am universal and several girls felt delivered nigh on unrecognisable and hostipal wards resorted of presenting plastic surgery certs, including their personal player with passport numbers, So they would re place cina.

the lady unsurprisingly previously had the therapy to try to regain an ex guy

surgical treatment has become a businesses in columbia and the popularity in offshore except helps to boost the description of surgeons.

However the amount of money that can be made by that is a may have brought about fairly outlawed hospitals cropping older in south korea.

captured a 50 yr old chinese mother came to be proclaimed mental faculties useless just after the lady were excited by a little practice in Seoul, which in fact had recently were aware that's about effecting sports activities against the nation's health related ordinances.

surgical procedures in which to slim hearts and consequently increase how big is noses are normal in kathmandu, even although females besides regarding to have built extreme self on their eyelids flourished to form their little eyes chnlove (http://www.datingsitesreviewed.com/asian-dating/chnlove.htm) take a look much wider.

China is acknowledged for its significant plastic functions. last year men apparently required various treatments chnlove (https://hk.linkedin.com/in/chnlovepage) to be similar to Lei Feng, A chinese language program gift filler who exactly took over as face among communist person propaganda with 1960s.

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