View Full Version : Crashes on launch

06-14-2017, 01:26 PM
I came across this issue yesterday. I have been able to play the game perfectly fine on "Ultra" graphics settings. However yesterday while trying to launch the game again after having played it just fine earlier same day, the game freezes on the loading/launch screen. Alongside the game everything else on my computer freezes except for my mouse. I can move freely around on my 2 monitors with the mouse, but can't press any keys or buttons, but i can still hear sound from either the game or whatever else i got open at the same time making sound. I can launch and play literally any other game i got on the PC without any technical issues like this. I thought at first that some of my local files might have been corrupted, even though i have not touched them, so i uninstalled the game and reinstalled it over night. I attempted to launch the game again when i woke up, however same stuff happens. The game freezes on the launch/loading screen where it shows me which companies have taken part in the project. Only way i can reset my PC after the game freezes like this is by holding down the power switch. Is there a way to fix this?