View Full Version : A small language error I found on one of the gameplay videos

06-14-2017, 11:52 AM
Hey guys,
So I was watching a gameplay video of AC Origins (the game looks amazing btw) and at one point during the gameplay,a character in the game says ''Stupid Egyptian vlakos...'
I'm assuming he is greek.If that is the case he should have said vlakEs,instead of vlakos. The literal translation for this is that something is soft,but it can be used as an insult aswell .The word vlakos doesn't exist in the greek vocabulary

ο βλακας,o vlakas=singular and means someone who is dumb,foolish
οι βλακες,oi vlakes=plural,a group of people are dumb,foolish,which is what should have been used since he is referring to the Egyptians as a group

I know this is a very small detail but I wanted to point it out. Thanks for your time :)

Also here's the video (2:41)