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06-13-2017, 10:54 AM
Excited just as much as anyone here who are endearingly ravenous for this long awaited follow up, but can't help but be cautious of latching onto sentiments just yet.

The reason BGE succeeded was because of captivating characters throughout the whole game, an invigorating story of overcoming deceptive persecution, and an orgy of gameplay mechanics that would normally come off as too overpowering but somehow managed to make everything fit in just right.

Now from what's seen so far the characters are certainly intriguing, and fit the universe of humans and animal-hybrids, but in what way are they connected to the originals we're already emotionally invested in? True its too early to say the whos/hows/whys, and considering it's to be a prequel that pretty much gives the developers a somewhat open book to work from, but I've been too recently embittered by rebooted storylines to not worry that may be the case again. If it does hopefully sync up with the original story, does this take place before the DomZ are a thing or were they just not present in the trailer? From reading what little character stuff posted so far, maybe part of the story will involve the freedom of animal-hybrids from the servitude they seemed to be created for? I don't know, again far too early to be making assumptions, just gotta go with wishful thinking. The biggest thing I question is whether it can live up to the original gameplay, because how many games have stealth, combat, shooting, racing, air hockey, puzzles AND photography (and manage to pull it off). It's fairly big and complicated shoes to fill, tho it is manageable, but haven't quite pegged down how they'll fit in a camera/creature archive thing in.

The original is part of my top 5 games of all time, and while I can only hope this game turns out to be amaziballs, my biggest hope is that it weaves into the adventure already established and doesn't just borrow the universe and title to go off on its own tangent. While that wouldn't outright prevent me from playing the end result, the damn thing would need to learn how to make sandwiches/cookies to help satiate the betrayal my heart would endure.

06-13-2017, 02:48 PM
The one thing that scares me a lot is the whole "seamless online" thing. Does this mean we'll end up being generic characters that don't really interact with the world in any meaningful way?

06-13-2017, 07:21 PM
I believe in Michel. He loves HIS franchise too much to ruin it now that he's got a chance to work on it.

06-13-2017, 07:36 PM
The one thing that scares me a lot is the whole "seamless online" thing. Does this mean we'll end up being generic characters that don't really interact with the world in any meaningful way?

We have no idea about how the gameplay for this game will work. They spend a lot of time making something different it sounds like. Best thing right now is to open your mind and not judge it's features by how they were implemented in other games.

06-13-2017, 07:55 PM
I believe in Michel. He loves HIS franchise too much to ruin it now that he's got a chance to work on it.

This is probably the only assurance we have now, and for what it's worth, it's enough for me at least for now. I love Michel Ancel and his games, I believe in the man. He put his heart into his games, I mean she cried at E3 that he could finally show his long lost baby to the world.

As much as this "GTA in space" or "seamless online playground" scare me as much as you guys, I believe in Mr Ancel, I trust him with my expectations. Not a single game from him disappointed me, Rayman 3 did, but Ancel did not work in, that's probably why it was so... different than what I was used to. He picked Origins and Legends back up and look at how awesome these games turned out to be.

06-13-2017, 08:46 PM
I believe in Michel. He loves HIS franchise too much to ruin it now that he's got a chance to work on it.

I give them complete creative freedom as I trust Michel Ancel and the team behind him :)

06-13-2017, 10:53 PM
WARNING: Contains spoilers about the original game! Read at your own risk.

What we saw in the teaser wasn't exactly enough to really conclude how to the game relates to it's predecessor. So far the correlations between the first and the second game that I found are:

- The alternate universe with humans and hybrid animals living together.

- Slavery/injustice of some sort: In the first game it were the DomZ in collaboration with the Alpha Sections that captured the innocent civilians of Hillys. In the second game it could be the Space Monkey Program fighting for freedom. The IRIS network might be the same type of organization as SMP with the difference the first one is located in System 4 while the latter in System 3.

- Flying vehicles: The constant traffic in and around Hillys very much looks like the busy and hectic traffic we saw in the trailer. Also don't forget about the Beluga which Pej'Y had built with the help of Jade her parents. We could get more insight about that in this prequel.

- M-Disks and talking software: The disk that Knox stole from Zhou Yuzhu could very well be an M-Disk as we have seen in the first game. On the other hand the skull like computer we saw at the end of the trailer where Dakini inserted M-Disk is confirmed by Michel Ancel himself to be something similar to Secundo (S.A.C.) from the first game.

- The law enforcement: Might be the same case as before. The police might look like they are the "good guys" while in reality they are misleading the population just as the Alpha Sections did.

- Chinese theme: However it might be less notable in the first game, it still had Chinese influences like in the trailer of BG&E2. Most notably Ming-Tzu and his shop.

- Emphasizing the action part of the game: The cinematic chases on the rooftops, the high-speed races and the captivating battles with the DomZ all added to the action-adventure part of the game. While the trailer was CGI, it already looked action packed (rooftop free-running, high-speed chases and some Michael Bay action).

For what I would like to see returning in the prequel to make it feel the same as the previous game:

- Amazing environment and free-roaming: When I played the game which was exactly 10 years ago when I was an innocent 9 year old kid, the game felt massive (due to me being a kid and having a wild imagination of course). Also because I was too scared to do the stealth parts of the game, I never finished it until I was at the age of 12-13, I had wild dreams about how flying to the moon would look like (as I got the briefing by IRIS already). Even with the graphical limitations 15 years ago, Ubisoft still managed to pull off an amazing job of creating an immersive atmosphere. With the current technologies, Ubisoft could make us fans have nostalgic feelings and childlike amazement about the world and it's environment.

- The game play: Although the original game might have received some criticism due to how the camera behaved at some points in time, I would like to say that the game play was amazing. It played very fluently going from action packed fights with simple controls to sneaky stealth scenarios. The controls worked great and I had no problems playing to the game. Therefore I hope from the bottom of my heart the prequel contains those exact elements. Stealth, platforming and action packed fights.

- The music: No explanation needed here. :)

- The story: Another great aspect of the game for which I remember it the most to be honest. It felt like watching a movie but better, because I was the main protagonist in that movie. First they made us believe the IRIS network were the bad guys and Alpha Sections were the elite soldiers from the Hillian army that had sworn to protect us from the DomZ. But nothing is what it seems. Slowly unraveling the shocking truth behind what is really going on. Slowly gaining the trust and support from the Hillians. Slowly but surely putting an end to the horror caused by the DomZ. I really hope there will be some sort of similar story in the second game.

Lastly I would like to add this the conversation (it is off-topic so you can skip this if you'd like): I would like to thank Michel Ancel and his team for making a great game in the first place. Now, after 10 years of waiting, they finally made it happen. It has been an emotional roller coaster, with up's and downs. First I could not believe was happening at first. I never had given up believing there would a successor to the game. I thought I was dreaming at first, but no. And at the end of the trailer when he music from the original kicked in, I felt a rush of nostalgia, happiness, excitement, disbelieve and relief. Then the title appeared with the words saying: Beyond Good and Evil 2. I'm not much of an emotional guy, but when I saw the title, I couldn't keep my emotions under controls and some tears of joy and relief were shed :,).

Edit: It is pretty late indeed and I'm a bit tired. So grammatical errors may have slipped in. Feel free to point them out :)