View Full Version : Is this intentional?

06-13-2017, 04:24 AM
Let me start by saying that I'm a huge fan of the game. I've defended it countless times to friends and acquaintances that think it's "trash" because they're not good.

The game is extremely skill based, especially on console, where the 30fps actually hinders the "defensive meta" better than any patch thus far. It's what draws me to the game.

Fighting one on one, one on two, even one on four, and coming out on top is exhilarating.

Too bad that's impossible now.

The centurions unblockables, varied strike speeds, and charged attacks make dominion a nightmare. I've seen countless threads about encountering a horse of centurions, but honestly one is all it takes to ruin a match.

Having reped up my centurion, I can attest to its game-breaking qualities first hand. Note that my actual "main" is a lawbringer, whose long arm can interrupt and disrupt 4v4 gameplay quite well. However, it is slow and telegraphed enough that it is able to be reacted to(I'd like to see it changed as well, though).

When a centurion joins a 2v1 advantage, he can charge his attacks from outside his opponents line of sight, then leap an enormous distance to strike. Once his opponent has been struck by a single unblockable, they're dead.

I don't think centurion is unfair, overpowered, or imbalanced by his own merits, he's just not fun. He's not very fun to play as(mainly relying on tanking to kill? Not fun), and he's certainly not fun to play against in groups.

I'd go so far to say any disabling or stun locking abilities in the game will eventually ruin it, forcing the player base to move on. Everyone wants control of their character, and losing it is frustrating.

So I'm curious if this was intentional, or an unforeseen product of the centurion and shinobi release?

As I said, im a huge fan, and I plan to keep playing, but facing these characters in team based modes is lacking the one element most needed for the game to be sustainable: FUN.

Thanks, and keep up the good work.