View Full Version : Dear people in charge of For Honor

06-12-2017, 10:00 PM
First of all I must say I love this game, a lot. I bought the gold edition straight away when I tried it for a bit!

And that is why I feel so sad, and even disgusted, after these 3 months of gameplay. Because it's such an beautiful concept, fallen into people who don't love it enough, or maybe don't love it at all.

I probably will stop playing the game, at least for a while, because you know... connection issues, for the last week I could complete maybe 20% of my games? And yes, I have green NAT, open ports, tried every bit. Sometimes I restart the router just to try if it would work.

Besides the connection issues, tons of basic interface elements or game features are not available... in 2017! I'm not just randomly ranting, basic things as:
Not being able to see your orders in-game
Team balancing (when 4 people play against 1 with 3 bots is not fun, regardless of in which side you are).
Not being able to see a character's inventory load unless you go inside that character's menu
Not being able to see the class or prestige of dead players.
Chat working randomly between matches.
Someone grief, or is rude, or even cheats, disconnects mid game, and bye bye, you have no way to report it.
Gear management...
I don't want to waste too much time more on this, as you guys didn't want to spend too much time into the game neither.

I get it, you love money, we gave you our money and you don't care at all whatever happens with the game in a short term, it was our own mistake. I doubt I could get a refund after all this time, which I would happily accept without a doubt. But fixing the game would actually make me happier.

As a last bit, I am aware that this doesn't apply to entire Ubisoft workers, they have made awesome games, some better, some worse, but at least playable. I also know that it's not a small company, so a lot of people are involved, in different departments. But definetively I think as a minimum the directors and / or producers should be held responsible (I need to investigate this a bit further) and that Gamers should start having some awareness of who are in charge of games in a future. Yes, this is kind of a call to action.

I will definetively keep an eye on the games' directors and or producers before purchasing from now on.

Best regards, and hope that at some point you earn enough money to just quit this industry or at least start caring a bit.