View Full Version : DEVS: suggestions for future features...

06-10-2017, 01:26 AM
Hi Bridge Crew devs. You mentioned in your recent AMA on Reddit that you encourage community feedback.

One suggestion for adding more stations on the bridge is:

Make science and communications be augmented Engineering and Captain roles.
For example: An Engineer can officially take Science and do pretty much everything Engineering does but with a few extra perks such as special scans, and detection abilities. This way engineers can choose to be at science if they want and switch back and forth.

Comms could handle power distribution, orders from starfleet, the ability to beam people as well as do faster incursions, and even signal other ships.

I think it would be neat if you could allow for an engineer to go to a jeffrey's tube to make special repairs and calibrations.

While on the topic of other spaces & multiple crew: Maybe have a feature where up to two bridge members can launch a shuttle and fly next to the mother ship. We could use the shuttle feature for either tactical and/or special missions inside nebula where your shuttle could scout ahead/map a way for the mother ship.

As for a list of ships I think would work well in the game:
I know players will love being Klingon and having a Klingon ship.
I think the Enterprise NX 01 (captain archers ship) not only has a great layout for this game but its maneuverability and weapons always seemed more like submarine battles to me, and that fits with this game well.

Another bridge which is similar to Enterprise NX 01 is The Defiant from Deep Space Nine. I think Defiant would be an excellent next gen ship. It has a cloak and phaser pulse canons. I think it would be a lot of fun and perhaps youll add a DOminion/Cardassian war arch with the occasional borg battle.

Imagine when you implement multiplayer ships in one game that several crews can team up to take on the borg together.

I know people want the enterprise D but my number one wish ship would be the Refit enterprise from Wrath of Khan or even the Enterprise A from undiscovered country.
Ultimately Voyager would make a great ship for this game as well.

Finally: TRACTOR BEAMS! I think tractor beams could be great fun as the helm would have to watch speed and turn rate as not to break the beam. Tractor beams can be used to move and even toss asteroids, they can be used to hold an enemy ship or deflect romulan plasma torpedoes?