View Full Version : Don't nerf new heroes, update old ones.

06-09-2017, 08:56 PM

Well, maybe Centurion need i little nerf, but i think the big problem with new heroes vs old ones are the list of moveset/combos.

For exemple, the Conqueror only have 5 movesets (wich 3 of them are the same thing) and the Centurion have 15 (!!!) seems a little unfair, no?.

So.. my suggestion it's that, update all old hereos with the same number of combos/movesets.

How do that? Why don't reuse the animations(chain atacks) we have against soldiers/minions. Isn't needed meake a new animations, just reuse that animations as a combos/movesets.

I will say 2 exeamples .


(Maybe i only use this hero 2 times)

When Warlord attack the soldiers, he do a hit with a sword, and then another hit with shield.

This chain as moveset:

Light atack (sword)+ GB button (hit with shield), the effect can be a temporal stun, but if the enemy don't have stamina, he will be knockout

Another example...

Conqueror (my main):

(This hero have alot of chain atacks against soldiers, so use them for fix/rework this hero)

When the Conqueror atack soldiers, he do a hit with Flail, then push the soldier with the shield (like shield bash), and then sweep with the Flail.

This chain as moveset:

Light atack (Flail), GB button (like shieldbash, but wihtout unblockable), Heavy Atack (sweep with the Flail.. like Valkyrie, the enemy fall), space button+ heavy button atack (the conqueror jumps over the enemy and hit him with the border of the shield)

I don't know, something like that but wiht othe other old heroes too... that it's just a idea.

As allways, sorry for my english (i don't use Google translate)

06-09-2017, 09:02 PM
Aside from poorly designed heros that need a lot of help (conq, shugoki)
most of the cast would feel better once defensive meta is nerfed.
We're already getting universal guard switch.
Though I think soft feints should be made into an actual mechanic.
Being able to soft feint your zone into a light and vise versa along side being able to soft feint your heavy into a GB would massively make a lot more heros flexible and feel like the've got more depth to them.
Honestly I want to wait until their big defensive fix patch comes (which should be pretty soon) because it's got big changes that will impact the game massively. along with a lot of character specific changes. And defensive play going down will actually indirectly nerf both the new heros.
But people are too caught up in drama right now and crying for instant gratification.