View Full Version : Season 2 is too severe.

06-07-2017, 08:59 PM
Speed of the foot is more important than every status in this game.
The boost item which can also go back behind the squirrel pawn at the original place in an instant when I'm quick on my feet, can also be made a monopoly, it's also possible to run away and it's also most suitable to occupy a position. The fall which is a demerit is also the merit which avoids EKUSEKYUSHON about SHINOBI. "Asa Shinn" but I should notice making these good of the game and tactics a no early.

06-07-2017, 09:11 PM
I think now is a very good balance adjustment when even "Asa Shinn" doesn't exist. The population just eliminates a king snake, Peacekeeper, a berserker, SHINOBI and these Asa Shinn, and increases.
Which, it's false, every character needs substantial weakening in Asa Shinn.
A foot can't fill the difference between earliness and the height of the avoidance performance with the degree which loses a super armor.

I say many times, "Speed of the foot and the height of the avoidance performance of Asa Shinn are more important than no status."
I want you to notice that existence in Asa Shinn is making tactics of this game rotted early.

When I'm quick on my feet, the, that, all status should be done below the half low more substantially than the other character.

I'm Japanese, so if a strange point matches the sentences on which sentences were written using the English translation function, I'm sorry.