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06-07-2017, 02:37 PM
So Hi. Here is a list of all minor things that in MY opinion would help make For Honor a better game experience.
I think the basic mechanics of the game are pretty solid and the gameplay is quite addicting but I also feel that around that gameplay For Honor doesn't offer enough
for the modern player.

Social Features
For me this is the biggest issues of tfor Honor. I played ffrom the start and I have so few friends to come back to. Partially is my fault, I'm lazy as hell. So I come from Blizzard games so I may sound spoiled but the current social feature of the game are poorly implemented. Usually when you play a game that requires you to be constantly online you play some game and make some friends or enemy, add them on the chatlist and from there keep in touch when you log in. That's not the case in for honor.
The main problem is that the social system is an entirely different program from the game itself. Adding a player is a pain and requires you to open another window.
That goes for everything. Chat not working during loading, very small avatar on the Ubi social features render everything clunky and uneasy.

So I'm a huge nerd and I like my charctaer to be cool and well dressed when possible. The problem with the current system in my opinion are the constant requirement of spending steel in order to change appearance and the single character unlock. So basically llike the majority of the people I guess, I got bored of my outfit and I want to try some new look. but I can't cause I have to salvage items in order to get scarp. I also want to start a new hero without having the feeling to be starting from scratch. I offer my little solutions
- Weapons and armor models are unlocked on finding
- Some of the customization unlocks are shared beetween all character

Faction War
So the Idea of it is pretty intriguing but the realization is not perfect if you don't mind me saying so. I don't feel the contribution for the effort nor I understand clearly how I can I spent my resource better (plus I doubt it matters). Till now seems to me that the faction that has more people playing during the last hour of the last round wins.

Game Modes
I enjoy all the playmodes except skirmish but I have some thougths on elimination that i want to share. In MY opinion elimination shoud be more similar to a tournament. So each player would face every opponent once each turn and the winner woud be the one with the better score. I hope you will implem,ent something similar for the ranked mode

orry for bad English

06-08-2017, 02:23 AM
Ty for the feedback! In regards to customization and the faction war, we already have plans for increased customization options down the line, and have already started working on updating the faction war system. As for increased social features and the game mode, I'll pass it along!