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06-05-2017, 07:50 PM
By next level i'm referring to skill level. I feel there are 4 major brackets to the skill levels of players...beginner, average, above average, high skill.
Beginner is people who are knew to the game. Or struggle to maintain any kind of consistency. Average where most people in my opinion sit are people who can block most attacks, tech 90% of Gb's thrown at them, and are able to occasionally feint/parry effectively. Then we get into the bracket I feel I sit in. above average. what seperates us from average isn't much. Beyond better match up knowledge, being able to parry most attacks including lights semi consistently, being able to recognize patterns in your enemy, and starting to use optimal punishes. And obviously high skilled players can do all of those. But far more consistently. On top of being able to change their tactics on the spot easily and smoothly.

Anyway this short thread is just going to give a small list of suggestions that I feel would help a player who's looking to further their game. People who want to get better instead of blaming the other player or character they use. These suggestions are not "facts." and they will not make you better over night. it'll take time. If you have any tips that you would think would help average players go up a notch feel free to post them as well:

~Dead zone between 3-5. This is really only needed if you're on console. (where I reside.) But it really helps. I jumped from 10-5 and played that for a little over a week before the change became consistent. and I switched to 3 last night. It honestly helps you block things you couldn't previously block. Of course you'll need to build muscle memory to those attacks. but trust me it makes a difference.

~slightly adjusting your right thumb stick when blocking/parrying. I'm guilty of pushing it fast and hard to any direction. This isn't needed in lower dead zones as a small nudge will activate it. it also helps to make more precise movements. the lower your dead zone is and the harder you push the stick the more likely you'll accidentally get your block somewhere you didn't mean to get it.

~Leave your thumb resting in neutural or have it off when you're not using it. Again a minor change that will help massively if you're a type of player who is always putting pressure on the stick. This will let you react properly more quickly.

~Stick to one character. I know this is debatable. But if you're really looking to up your skill you need to really learn one hero. This lets you get familiar with that hero. it lets you build consistency and muscle memory not only to that character but matchups against that character. And staying consistent means you can also get used to patterns/attacks/timings to your enemies instead of having to learn constantly when switching. There is nothing wrong with switching occasionally. Just as long as when you do switch you stick to that one for awhile as well.

~Attempt to parry everything. This, at least for me helped me learn parrying fast. I really never blocked until I got a good grasp of parrying. The reason I suggest this is 2 fold. For one parrying is absolutely essential for higher tier play. It's the most common and easy punish. 2 if you're not blocking and you are parrying only that means you're always at risk for damage. losing constantly or taking dumb damage should push you to be more precise and start parrying more consistently. Once you've started parrying a lot more frequently you can start using block again.

~Use the animations for parrying most attacks. Certain attacks like PK lights indicators are far more helpful. Since the animation isn't very telegraphed. But most attacks even the quicker lights are telegraphed enough that you don't need the indicator. I ignore indicators to avoid feint baiting (mostly) and indicator bugs.

~Pay attention to your environment. Even if you can't pull off max OOS punishes consistently being able to always get a wall stun when one is available adds up damage wise. You should actively seek to do so.

~Seperate feinting into 2 types. feint bait. and feint attack. choose one and stick with it for awhile. feint bait is attempting to trick your opponent into an attack that you know you can parry. feint attack is to trip them into thinking you're going to attack one way but you do another. I personally use feint attack as it doesn't really rely on what your opponent does. But if you're confident in your parry skills use the first. Once you've gotten good at one of those then attempt to work on the other.

~Get a monitor. I can't stress how helpful a monitor is. I just used a monitor for the first time last night for a few hours. I went from occasioally blocking PK's second light to being able to block the first light on reaction 70-80% of the time. and parrying them about 40-50% of the time. I went from not being able to escape valks combos and not being able to block her lights to consistently escaping the combo and blocking/parrying all her attacks. The biggest surprise for me was being able to block shinobi lights 90% of the time. All I can say is that it felt like I was able to actually see attacks for the first time. It was beautiful.

And that's all the general tips I have. thanks for reading!