View Full Version : I gave it all I had

06-05-2017, 03:20 AM
I love this game. It is honestly the best game I've ever played because it's a mix of a fighting game with a open landscape. I kept playing this game because even though the bugs were annoying I loved this new type of game and it's art of war system. I got the game on release and played with 2 friends but for them the fun was over in about two weeks. The constant disconnects had driven them away. I kept on playing even though I was joining matches with players reputation 10 and I only a rep 2. I endured the matches in which i was getting obliterated because I knew I had to try harder and I found it fun to try to take on a fierce opponent. I eventually got to rep 10 myself and don't really have a main because all the characters are cool so I tried to rep each one.

When Season 2 rolled out I even got 1 of my friends to come back and try it but the disconnections were even worse than they were now and we could barely even party up (we both have open nat types and good internet but it would always fail to join). I played alone for a long time but eventually the disconnections just kept adding up until I just couldn't stand it. For a full priced game why isn't it even finished? I start to think why couldn't they just delay the game to perfect it? I know some things can't be perfect but at least fix it until it's a small problem. Don't get me wrong I love this game but I believe in my heart that this game shouldn't have come out so early with so many bugs and glitches that it is barely playable. This is why the community is dwindling and barely holding on. Sadly I can't go on playing like this. I enjoy it but at the same time I am so frustrated with it (i can't explain it very well). So for now I will be gone and occasionally come back for the new characters. (Surprised I didn't hear any news about the season 2 players coming out, they just sorta did under the radar). Goodbye For Honor. It was fun but you are just too messed up.

06-05-2017, 04:55 AM
Totally understand your point. I found a new joy in playing only vs AI with matchmaking off. Having the game free of both disconnects and cheese spam makes it so much more better.

My only grievance with vs AI is that there is almost no challenge for me now even 1vX, bots dont even interrupt you while executing their ally. I wish there was a way to increase bot difficulty within vs AI game modes.