View Full Version : How to really fix the game

06-04-2017, 02:55 AM
Just stop listening to the cry babies and listen to me just for a moment. I believe this is still a great game but in my opinion turn off the game for like a week maybe 2 and give us actual severs. Now I know every complaints but please put all default characters back to there original state of the games release and only buff please do not nerf ( nerfing really ruines a character or just the game in general because then people WILL complain). I really do like the raider berzker orochi shugoki by the way these are my mains but let's look at recent updates you have nerfed raider and shugoki with in the last month the orochi has been not good since season two and yet you want to nerf him again. I have to ask does the dev team favor the knights I mean the knights got a new character that can be more of a pain than any other character so far while you once again give more buffs to the other knights just to give them a chance while the vikings have the biggest nerfs and the samurai have the second now I know people will say that no the knights have the most nerfs well that is true but they also have the most buffs please just balance the game around actual fighting like if I gave you a sword and said go kill that man over their you two will fight more on the defensive side because you do wish to not die well that is how it should be in game also the knock down is really annoying and a little unfair because in a real fight you would not try to get up form the back you would roll to your stomach and get with your hands and knees then get back to fighting so if I got knock down then I should be able to block a attack or dodge out of the way of the next attack. I think I have given you enough to go on to fix the game and be able to satisfy your community.