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Sigma 1313
06-03-2017, 05:57 AM
So, earlier today I saw a saw a post that essentially was about why people dislike Connor. I disagreed about why, and began to think that one reason that many people may not like Connor, among the many, is that they didn't finish the game due to its flaws. I was then reminded that on the Xbox One, we can see how many people have an achievement. My hypothesis was incorrect that less people finished AC3, and I'd like to share the results, because it's really interesting.

Below is a list of games, achievement rarity, achievement name, and how you get the achievement. From my understanding, this is only for people with Xbox Live profiles who have signed on and have played the game. SPOILERS

Let me know if you want to know more achievements or spinoffs.

AC1 - 28.99% have the Eagle and the Apple (beat the game);
5.65% have Conversationalist (for all Lucy conversations),
24.46% have Visions of the Future (sit through credits),
89.84% have Welcome to the animus (for completing the Tutorial)

AC2 - 90.41 have Birth of an Assassin (be born as Ezio)
42.54% have The Vault (beat Sequence 14)
40.92% have An Old Friend Returns (Escape the hideout)

ACB - 88.25% have Technical Difficulties (attempt to access Sequence 9 for the first time)
75.20% have Santuary! Sanctuary! (Set up the hideout)
46.72% have Requiescat in Pace (beat Sequence 9)
40.62% have A Knife to the Heart (stab Lucy)
37.11% Have Tower Offensive (Burn all Borgia Towers)
7.55% have I Am Alive (solve all of 16's puzzles)
3.47% have GPS (beat DLC)
1.01% have Il Principe (beat game 100% with DLC)

ACRe -76.66% have Best Served Cold (beat sequence 1)
12.03% have Are You Desmond Miles (beat Desmond Sequence 5)
41.23% have Revelations (Beat Sequence 9)
12.25% have Holy Wisdom (beat Hagia Sophia mission)
3.05% Have Fond Memories (beat game 100% (not DLC)

AC3 - 86.6% have Rude Awakening (re-enter Animus)
68.13% Have Mystery Guest (complete sequence 1 and 2)
37.04% have the Sum of Truth (beat Sequence 12)
24.02% have Fin (complete epilogue)
40.12% have the End is Nigh (complete present day Abstergo)
29.98% have No Good Deed goes Unpunished (Watch Desmond die)
1.47% have Fist in the Hearts (beat Washington (DLC))
0.72% Have Completionist (complete All Progress Tracker grid entries)

AC4 - 360 - 82.75% Have Heroes aren't Born (complete sequence 1)
30.97% have Saw That One Coming (Beat Sequence 13)
6.48% Have Devil of the Caribbean (beat all 4 ships)
1.63% have By the Book (complete main story 100%)
2.19% have His Word was Perhaps (complete DLC)
0.69% Have His Full Attention (beat Freedom Cry 100%)

AC4 - One - 67.16% Have Heroes aren't Born (complete sequence 1)
15.54% have Saw That One Coming (Beat Sequence 13)
3.16% Have Devil of the Caribbean (beat all 4 ships)
0.80% have By the Book (complete main story 100%)
1.28% have His Word was Perhaps (complete DLC)
0.38% Have His Full Attention (beat Freedom Cry 100%)

ACRo - 70.04% have Halcyon Days (beat sequence 1)
40.29% Have Brotherhood Broken (beat sequence 6)
38.56% Have No page Unturned (beat last glitched memory)
33.52% Have Templar then Templar Now (see end Otso Berg cutscene)
2.62% have Achieve Full Synchronization (beat main story 100%)
6.75% have Master of the North Atlantic (beat all 4 legendary battles)

ACU - 78.28% have A Long Time Ago (complete prologue)
65.79% have Youth in Versailles (beat Sequence 1)
22.04% have Curtain Call (complete Sequence 12)
1.01% Have I want it All (100% main story)
10.16 have Piece of Eden (complete sequence 13)
0.73% have I got Skills (unlock all Skills)
3.14% Have No Man's Land (complete all rifts)
0.58% Have Hydrogen Bonded (100% Dead Kings)

ACS - 82.56 - A Spanner in the Works (beat sequence 1)
18.33% have The War At Home (Complete WW1 Simulation)
22.61% have Street Sweeping (Conquer all Boroughs)
26.02% have Shall We Dance (beat Sequence 9)
1.90% have Mentor (main missions 100%)
3.77% have A well kept secret (complete DLC)
0.65% have Ripperologist (100% DLC)

That's an average of:
81.26% Players beat the first Sequence/Tutorial
30.53% Players beat the game (last sequence or modern day segment)
3.72% Players beat the DLC
1.52% Players 100% main missions

What do you think of those statistics?

06-03-2017, 08:09 AM
Check this out (article from ars technica): http://bit.ly/2rlLNCs

This article is about steam in general, so nothing specific about AC; but it shows that the ratio of games that are actually run, at least once (let alone finished), to games that are owned is a little over 60%. Among players, in turn, roughly one fourth seem to persevere for total durations that are meaningful for large games like AC.

I guess we have to thank digital distribution and frequent sales for such numbers. It's a pretty bizarre economy that I can't wrap my head around; but at least valve seems to be flourishing very well financially, doing what they're doing.