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06-02-2017, 10:51 AM
Yo guys. I would like to post my constructive feedback about For Honor step by step.
1. Rage quit:
I really don't wanna see this penalty, BUT till the Devs can fix/ improve the fact that a quitting player can kill the match for 7 other players THIS penalty is needed!!!
The penalty itself:
10 mins bann is a good idea to keep this players away for a short while,BUT Devs : please add : match lost and the deaths that player got in that match!!!
Steel penalty, exp or lvl penalty is not such a good idea. ( I don't care how much steel/exp/lvl others have. I JUST WANNA PLAY!!!) This 10 min bann is a better idea in order to keep this kind of player a bit away.
Devs: You should know that it will not take long for this players to realize that: LAN cable/ WLAN unplugged will be the "new way" to get away with it. That's why add: match lost and the deaths the player got till that point TO COUNT!!! This way we may get a few more players to think twice.
Parallel to this : Devs please speed up on fixing or at least minimize this issue of one player being able to crash a match for 7 others!!! I know is easy said then done, BUT Ubisoft, the game was launched almost 4 months ago. If you wanna stick to this connection, get external help if needed and step on it, pronto!!!

2. The Matchmaking (only)
I don't understand the qq of the community here and here is why:
A. No one is forcing you to enter pvp with a low level character. Besides the fact that more and more players refuse to see: skill > gear. You have many options, one is to go do matches vs AIs to lvl up and get ure gear.
Of course the Devs should try tweaking it more in the future, But as for now there are a few other problems needing fixing faster then asap. :p

3. Overall balance ( ganking tactics)
Devs: the Revenge was too Stong at the beginning, but this version we have now is not helping much to improve our game experience in a fair way.
I suggest adding a buff like: 2-3sek window( a very very small window) , after you took a hit, 60-70% damage reduction ( up to you but it should be very high). Once you started an attack this buff should drop off, not trade hits possibilities for you with that buff on. The player should still keep the risk of parry.
This buff should also include CCs, and GBs.
This may make gankers or spammers think twice.
I, personally, think that this will improve a lot our game experience when we face gankers or player which only spam. You also said that it should be a skill game.

4. Forums
I know this may be a lot to ask, but what I hate the most ( besides spamming bots) are nice theats, with good subjects, getting "spammed" by other like: " you're an idiot....the other saying: no, you are!!" And so on.
I would like to see a symbol which is automatically added once an employee of Ubisoft has taken a look and REMOVING this kind of answers from that threat.
I know it is a lot to ask,but in this case, I don't ask for this to apply asap. Whenever you have time. People answering threats by insulting others should not be tolerated.
I don't wanna know who is suspected to be an idiot. I just enjoy a lot reading other players ideas on a subject and would keep the feedback constructive. If a person doesn't know how to express himself ( insulting others ) should have his post deleted as soon as possible for you, Ubisoft.

NOBODY has to agree with this post of mine. This simply my personal opinion of this game and what I would like to see for the future.