View Full Version : A nerf suggestion for Centurion ?

06-02-2017, 02:49 AM
Hey I got an idea !

What about stamina punishment immunity against Centurion when under fatigue ?! :D

Yeah, I know Centurion is a char supposed to play with his opponent's stamina but considering how much he drains it, and the number of tools he got to do so; I think it would be cool to make him so, when he's opponent is already under fatigue, he isn't able to drain anymore of it.

It's really annoying when you can get your stamina back until you die ...

That would be for me one of the nerfs this car needs.

P.S: Even if it's not complete immunity, make it so he can't drain as much as right now....

06-02-2017, 02:58 AM
Hm, interesting thought and I'd be more than happy to bring it up as a suggestion to the team!

06-02-2017, 04:02 AM
Apply the same nerf to the lawbringer and I support it.

06-02-2017, 05:41 AM
I think the stun from his jab breaks 4v4 and is stupid.. WAY too long.. Its dumb.. Also unblockable.. WTF were you guys thinking?

Centurions pin is stupidly OP with the guaranteed jab for guaranteed eagle talon. Its too much dmg and drains too much stam

****ing dumb ****s at Ubi..

WAsted MONTHS waiting for balance patches then THIS!