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06-01-2017, 11:11 AM
Firstly, a little preamble: I was the first person on this entire forum to post about Star Trek Bridge Crew (before it even had it's own section) and I was the first to post about organising a Role playing group.

I am a 46yr old female Captain with a commercial airline, and I became a pilot BECAUSE of Star Trek (TOS) and Kirk, and have had almost every toy, ship, figure, book, collectable I could afford since I was 4.

I flew from the UK to Pasadena for the Star Trek 40th Anniversary just to meet and have my picture taken with Shatner and tell him that my entire life and career have been inspired and modelled on Kirk and the Star Trek ethos.

I'm literally the person this game was made for.

I already have a PS4, but bought a PS4 Pro and all the PSVR stuff JUST FOR THIS GAME.

I’ve desired this game for so long, to fulfil a life long need to sit in that centre seat and to have earnt it and to lead a crew into the final frontier.

Now with all that said, I understand that some may feel I had extremely large and unrealistic expectations, but I honestly did not. After the disaster that was Bridge Commander and nothing since, I've learned to temper myself. I don't live in an area where 'Artemis Bridge Simulator' is possible to play, but Star Trek Bridge Crew has become my sole reason to game lately so please understand my feedback is based on a whole world of love, respect and gratitude that we even have this game to play.

I know it may look like I have more negatives than positives, and numerically I do, but I feel that they are mostly deep desires, requests and pleas to see this game succeed and for it to be played by hundreds if not thousands, daily for years and years to come.

I know this is a long post, but please read it and know it’s coming from a place of love and gratitude for what you’ve already accomplished.


1. Immersion. I dislike intently the Kelvin timeline, but your bridge is very cool and closest to my favourite bridge (Enterprise A - TMP / ST:IV) when I first sat in that seat and saw my crew and that wonderful outside vista, I was there. After 40 years of yearning, you gave me that. I'll never be able to thank or repay you, but you made my dream come true.

The original bridge though, I must admit, I teared up and had a mini freak out. That was it. Perfection. I was home. It is wonderful. I can't thank your team enough for the hard work and dedication you've gone to, to create that bridge and the feel of being on that iconic ship.

2. Attention to detail. I know that the stations aren't as complete or complex as I (and I know a few others) would like, but you have captured the 'essence' of working on a bridge so well, that you can almost pretend that you're doing all the other things without actually doing them and still feel immersed.

3. The love of Trek. You guys love trek just like some of us, and it shows. Thank you.

4. Thank you Ubisoft for funding this and giving this to us. Most of your general customer base won't deserve this. Some will never play it, but for the rest of us, we can't thank you enough.


1. Where the hell was your advertising? Several major computer game websites haven't even reviewed it, let alone mentioned it's release or covered the press events you did in April. This should have been in a VR kit bundle. This should have TV adverts and cinema adverts showing it being played. How, after all your hard work and dedication, can your PR / Marketing team screw the pooch so badly? That's unforgivable Ubisoft Marketing. Shame on you. This is truly the only (current) game that truly warrants the purchase of a VR kit - on any platform.

2. There is something wrong the the VR ‘zone’. When I’m sitting in my armchair I cannot access any of the chair buttons on the original Enterprise because the arms of my chair are in the way - the buttons are too low. Yet the screen in front, when on a station is too close to be able to select the buttons closest to one's stomach. So to get around this, I have to lean forward and sit up right and tall and then ‘centre’ my view, then sit back comfortably in my chair for the screen in front to be at a comfortable position, but it still doesn't fix the access to my side buttons.

The Aegis buttons are easier, but still not as easy to use as they should be.

If I was sitting on an uncomfortable office chair with no (or thin narrow arms) then I guess this wouldn’t be such a big problem, but I think maybe some kind of play area setup diagnostic could be of use here. Especially as when I sit back in my ‘captains chair’ / my arm chair, my head goes out of bounds!?


1. Ability to search for players of a specified level or higher when in the lobby. It would help the more seasoned and experience, or roleplaying gamers keep out the noobies, who should all be learning together and doing the training missions first. On a side note, forcing completion of the training missions and then the Kobyashi Maru mission, all single player before opening up the ability to join a game should be mandatory. Too many people who don’t know or understand Star Trek, the language or protocols, or even how to use their assigned stations are really screwing things up for the rest of us. Sometimes I have the patience to train them whilst the rest of the crew put’s up with it, but other times, my crew and I just want to get stuck in and we can’t because our newbie can’t steer or refuses to talk to anyone when playing as Captain.

2. Mission length / depth / complexity / variety:

i) Length: I know that there is a modern belief in gaming that most multiplayer games should be short and sweet, but that really doesn't work well with this IP. Sure, the Kobyashi Maru and some of these ongoing voyages, are short missions, but there is a definite need in your customer base, for missions that can last over 90mins even as long as 3 hours.In either ship, we're a long way from home and missions aren't going to always be quick shoot the bad guy and you're done.

ii) Depth. As a real life Captain, and one that has studied and wished to be in command of a starship since childhood, I know the language, I know the protocols, I know the rhythm of the bridge and after only playing for about 4 hours in total, I feel I have a good enough grasp of all the stations that there is little left for me to find out or learn. With a good crew the missions are almost trivial and as I'm lucky to have a few online friends who role-play with me, there isn't anything we haven't managed to cope with. There isn't any real sense of danger or risk (no win scenario excepted). Part of being a starfleet crew is facing the unknown and how they cope with it, especially when there isn't a clear solution or even a true win-win solution at all. Please, add some more depth to the missions and the stations to allow this to come to life. Even if the stations have a novice and an expert mode. Why is there now yellow alert? (Which typical instructs the crew to raise shields, but not ready / power up weapons, and to get the department heads at ready stations).

iii) Complexity: Missions need to be harder, not just harder stations. This doesn’t just mean harder enemies. I would argue that they aren’t hard now, but our ships shields take too much damage with each shot too easily. I mean the missions. I really believe that the current trend over the last 10 years of dumbing games down to audiences who just want to instantly feel like invincible superheroes is a major detriment to gaming as a whole. I want to play a game that it takes thought, effort and deep understanding to learn, in order to finally be able to win. And even then, when I can win, I don’t want it to mean I win every time. the next level / mission / game might totally catch me out. Valve with Left 4 Dead did this wonderfully by having an AI games master that studied the players and if they were good, or trying to sneak around it would create more enemies or more obstacles to throw at them and no mission ever played the same, but with weaker players, it took a little more pity of them, always challenging but never cruel or stupid.

I thought, at the time, that this would be a model every games developer would follow but instead we get designers thinking they are movie directors and going for a one time experience over repeatable playing.

This type of game is one where repetition is required, not just to learn, but to also enjoy over years. But that doesn’t mean that when we get a mission briefing we know who’s going to show up, when, how many and what the objectives are.

Please, you’ve demonstrated over the years, and with this game you have the talent and ability to do some amazing work. Please don’t allow this game to be another dumbed down game for the instant gratification kids of today. I’m 46, I know I”m not the oldest player even, we know that your team have people all ages so please don’t just cater to the lowest denomination. Make players earn their wins, make them be challenged and feel the highs and lows of success and loss. Please.

iv) Variety: I appreciate that you’ve considered this, and the ongoing missions already points to an attempt to address this, but there is still only a few, and they are short and nowhere near hard enough, and even within each type, there isn’t any variety. I won’t labour the points I’ve made above, but we just need more, more length, more depth, more complexity and more variety of mission types and variety within each type. Truly random and maybe even the type can change within the mission itself. Please Ubisoft give these developers the time and money to do this.

3. Missing stations: Science and Communications. I can understand that maybe there is a technical reason why to not include them from a VR technical point of view, however, I feel that both stations should have been manned by AI at all times and that just like in single player both stations should be able to jump into by another player or be commanded by the Captain. Trying to diffuse an conflict by hailing the ship, station, planet and having some ‘Bioware' like conversation with them would be fantastic. Hailing StarFleet to ask for nearby ships to come to help, or talking to the AI ships and giving them orders (move here, stop, evade etc).

As for Science, being able to scan an area, or planet or station, not just a tactical scan on ships, would help. It would also allow science missions, and add colour and clues to the crew on how to solve more complicated missions.

4. Lack of 3D space manoeuvrability. I knew from all the videos that this wasn't going to be in the game, but I'm still disappointed.

5. DELETED because it was already implemented but hidden. You can create a private party, get a partial crew in and then under the ACTIONS menu switch to public. They didn't point that out, but it's very useful. Thanks Red Storm!

6. For role playing purposes, give the Comms and Science officers a name over their head, so the Captain can address them to give them 'imaginary' orders. I hate just using the stations title to issue orders.

7. Regardless of players gamertags, allow an optional 'Crew member name' to be assigned, with their rank, so that I can call them by their real or roleplaying names, and not as their often stupid gamertags. Saying 'Mister Iwannakissyomamma' raise shields' kinda ruins the entire vibe of the game.

8. Shields: In Star Trek, shield emitters are quadrant based, and so a large part of helm and tacticals job, is not just getting into firing range and firing arc, but also manoeuvring the ship so that the weakened shields are facing away from the enemy giving Engineering time to get them bolstered.

But completely ignoring all that added depth and complexity, especially when adding in ventral and dorsal shields too, then you have, in my opinion, lost a huge amount of gameplay and depth to the Captains role as well as the two already mentioned.

9. My biggest negative, and one I have a deep fear that it won’t be addressed, is that despite all the love, care, attention and dedication you’ve all put into this game, the lack of depth and complexity, and the short repetitive missions are going to cause it, like all your other VR games, to lose it’s audience quickly.

That is a huge crime, because this game, is the foundation upon which you can build on, to create a game that will be played, daily, for years and years to come. People will schedule a chunk of time, say 3 or 4 hours a week, to do a long, complicated mission together as a regular crew. Think of CS:GO, or WOW raids, or other games that have a core fanbase that keep the games going for years.

You have a ready made fanbase, that, if your marketing / PR dept didn’t suck, would be buying VR kits just to play this game. There is nothing like it. Artemis can’t compete as it’s just combat and Starship Horizons Bridge simulator isn’t even in Beta yet.

Please, I beg you Ubisoft / Red Storm. Don’t just drop out a few new bridges and call it a day. With a little more dev time, and updates, and a lot more advertising, this game could be a revenue feed for years to come, without the hassle or expense of yearly sequels. Just add in more station complexity, add in a new science, communication and operations stations one at a time for a small DLC price. The Star Trek audience has been demanding and pleading for this game since those first Star Trek games on the Amiga and Atari ST.

Don’t drop this game. Please add more complexity and more content and longer, deeper more challenging missions to allow us to buy and play this game for years to come.

When I bought the PSVR about 10 days before Star Trek Bridge Crew’s release, I was gutted that Eagle Flight has ZERO people playing it. Literally every time I go on, there is no-one playing. I’ve changed time zones and still nothing.

Werewolves Within - great little game, but again, No EU games. and one US game. Nothing in Australia.

Please don’t let this amazing gift of a game die out the same way.

06-01-2017, 12:00 PM
Superb post.

Also lifelong trekkie, similar age. Star Trek has influenced my life choices too. You criticise what you love.

For me, On Going Missions is what I would love RS to build upon. Just add a few more situations or build upon the ones availiable. Even if you are not following the same mission as the crew of the Enterprise and exploring the unknown (that would be hard to simulate), it could be feasible for border control or patrol, assisting in skirmishes etc. Docking at outpost for repairs and continuing. Allowing a crew to save progress and pick up.

I think all that is needed is a way to make it feel more continuous and dynamic. I love your idea of a 'director', brilliant.

06-01-2017, 01:23 PM
Excellent post!

While I must admit that my Star Trek knowledge is by far not up to par with some of you guys I still love this game and the series for that matter. I am always trying to do my best at any station, trying to add as much realism as possible. (I actually made a post about the Character Name and Rank to be shown in-game , as well as a post about the fact that we should wear the correct uniforms in the lobby. Those black ones are driving me insane. )

The filter option you mentioned also is excellent, while I'm 'only' Lt. Commander so far I'd like to be able to set the filter a little higher to avoid completely new people. Although I understand that since the game is new , people are still starting to rank up and so it will get better.

Anyway, thank you for writing your post. I'll try to remember your name and will be on the look-out for you in-game =)


06-01-2017, 08:43 PM
Anyway, thank you for writing your post. I'll try to remember your name and will be on the look-out for you in-game =)


Thank you, my PSVR gamertag is 'elphaba_summers'... but you can call me Captain. ;)

06-01-2017, 08:59 PM
Awesome post. You nailed it. I will add you to my friends list. Also would be nice to have TNG and Defiant bridges plus more. And some Romulans. And other DLC at a later date.

06-01-2017, 10:26 PM
Fascinating post Captain Summers!
I would like to echo it almost completely. I was about to write a post expressing how thankful i am to Ubisoft for giving us this game.
I certainly do not take it for granted. A Star Trek VR Bridge Simulator is a very niche proposition. I am kind of amazed it got made, because i can easily see how boring this concept may seem to most people.
For me, this game fulfills an almost life long dream. I have been a Star Trek fan for as long as i can remember, watching TOS episodes as a small child, getting scared by the ghost episode.. and it stayed with me for all those years.
Star Trek has a very special place in my heart, and of course i always wanted to sit on the bridge and make the decisions.
And now i can. This is something i (kind of) can actually do now.
So i have spent the last couple days with a permanent grin on my face, spending every free minute on the bridge.
Sadly, i just got two trophies left until Platinum, and while i do not want to accuse for being light on content (this experience is almost invaluable to me), i too have to say:
Please Ubisoft, give us more to do. I do not usually ask for DLC, but in this case i would be more than happy to pay for more.
And it is so very easy to imagine how vast expansion possibilities could be. Give us the Enterprise D and let me play the battle of Wolf 359, the Defiant (with cloaking!), let me be Captain on a Klingon Bird of Prey (avoiding assassination attempts from my first officer) or a Romulan Warbird. There´s a whole universe full of possibilities.
I really hope this game sells very well, so we can get continued support, but i do fear the small VR install base. So far at least the NA server seems to be very well populated, i hope that´s a good sign.

If you want to play some time, i would be happy to add you to my friends list Captain Summers.

06-02-2017, 06:24 PM
Very good feedback! A good reminder for anyone of us working on popular IP games. I will treasure it for our designers. :)

06-02-2017, 07:26 PM
Couldn't agree more, and can't add a single thing more. Everything you mentioned is spot on, and if they take it to heart, and just implement it one piece at a time they will have a money printing machine on their hands. Hell look at Star Trek Online. I HOPE they don't see this as a throwaway game, if so what a damn shame.

I love bridge crew, and i'll admit that I've sat on the TOS bridge just to take in the atmosphere, disregarding the ongoing voyage I was on to see where I could go. An open roam feature would shine here with the ongoing voyages hails popping up here and there. Only one problem, I can't man engineering from the center seat.

06-03-2017, 03:18 PM
I also agree with what you have to say Captain_Summers. Its a great start, and a fantastic base to build on. It would be such a waste to not do so.

06-03-2017, 03:22 PM
I said it in the suggestion thread but I'll just quickly add it here to.

The single best thing they could do for this game is release a mission editor. Let the community devise missions to suit the wide range of tastes people have. Combat heavy super hard missions, RP missions with deep branching plots that test the moral fibre of the crew, action packed, pure exploration, etc, etc.

A single company can never provide for everyones tastes, but a community of fans can get damn close.

06-03-2017, 04:14 PM
Same Age and loved your post. When they fix the WARP bug!! I want to be on your crew too :-)

I would love to see the game develop as you described. As a Vanilla (from the start) Warcaft player, I completely agree with the complexity and longevity of missions needing to be scale-able. They MUST build a RPG engine to go with the game. The players need more than "The experience" to motivate them to play. Even Aesthetics within your own customize-able bridge would be a great start. As it stands, the only tangible reason to repeat play is to level up your rank, which you don't even get to see on your avatar in game.

Live Long and Prosper Bridge Crew!!


06-03-2017, 04:18 PM
I said it in the suggestion thread but I'll just quickly add it here to.

The single best thing they could do for this game is release a mission editor. Let the community devise missions to suit the wide range of tastes people have. Combat heavy super hard missions, RP missions with deep branching plots that test the moral fibre of the crew, action packed, pure exploration, etc, etc.

A single company can never provide for everyones tastes, but a community of fans can get damn close.

That would solve so much! Great input!

Add me if you need a Captain or crew! Elrick_McMaster

06-05-2017, 03:14 AM
I said it in the suggestion thread but I'll just quickly add it here to.

The single best thing they could do for this game is release a mission editor. Let the community devise missions to suit the wide range of tastes people have. Combat heavy super hard missions, RP missions with deep branching plots that test the moral fibre of the crew, action packed, pure exploration, etc, etc.

A single company can never provide for everyones tastes, but a community of fans can get damn close.

agreed. For all the flaws STO has, their Foundry system has allowed for some great storytelling.

06-05-2017, 05:40 PM
I said it in the suggestion thread but I'll just quickly add it here to.

The single best thing they could do for this game is release a mission editor. Let the community devise missions to suit the wide range of tastes people have. Combat heavy super hard missions, RP missions with deep branching plots that test the moral fibre of the crew, action packed, pure exploration, etc, etc.

A single company can never provide for everyones tastes, but a community of fans can get damn close.

That would be a fantastic addition - also as a pilot and advanced sim fan, the simulation (if you can really call it that) is so very basic and the missions way too short. Having a mission editor would go a very long way to making it significantly better.

06-05-2017, 07:13 PM
i agree with the most suggestions...
that game is a good start. well done.

- the grafic(atmosphäre) is very likable
- the different stations makes sence
- the multiplayercrews that i me,t was a nice people expierence

most suggestion are really nice, i want to underline this
Commstation - more interactive
Science station for more variation in the missions .(deeper scanning analyzing, mission immersion,Disrupterbeam, Traktorbeam, conter to effects of anomalies)
make matchmaking more transparent

so i want to add also some suggestions.
- the storymissions, are poor in telling, ir would be much room for improvement (Cutscenes before and after mission which are not just showing a flybe, or Screen)
- if you want be fancy then make a a storystructure like wing commander 1 ( so success or loose a mission diverde the story )

- Missioneditor (again, but i guess it would be give so much impovement)
- Avatarsaving (same faces are sympathic, so i would nice if you could safe this)
- different enemy which would bring different strategy.. roumulans ferengi ...

the more fancy suggestion
- a skirmish mode, where group of ships could play coop or against, battle for a sector, setting outpost, shipyard for repair. i pretty sure you consider this allready
to be fancy with that, would be a admiral which have the sector map, and could update the missions to the captians ship, according to the ongoing progress

this could ad a longtime motivation, and would make it easier to sell dlcs ;-)


06-16-2017, 03:00 PM
I just wanted to say that after reading some guidance on how to provide feedback and gratitude to the dev team and studio, I'm going to copy / paste some of these and add (a LOT more) to the 'suggestions & feedback' sticky thread.

But after even more weeks of playing I still want to pass on my deep gratitude for making this game and giving us this experience.

06-18-2017, 01:03 PM
Add phaser arcs to this Captain the phasers should have their own charge for port, starboard, and front phasers. This way we can go through the phaser arcs. Also I noticed helm does not have the phaser arcs on it's screen anymore after the last patch not sure if it was a bug or intended.