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06-01-2017, 06:59 AM
For many, it seems like a little goal, but for me reach Rep3, with all the original characters, is the proof that You can learn to use all and that, for one like me who has loved games like: Sengoku Basara and Dynasty Warriors ; Here too I can tell you , i've try all heroes as it should be.


in this video i'll show my heroes and a little fight with bot valkyr just for show a few move of every heroes.(sorry for low fps)

"Old man" thats how i call him, for patience that you have to used when you fight, and his slow speed.It is my main, and i hope that he No longer suffer debuffs, otherwise I will play defensive and I do not like it. i start this game with him, and you can fight an enemy in 100 type of attacks.

"take this fish in face!" Is what I said when I used hiz Zone the first times. After the recent buff he became a real monster! Now even the duel is not so difficult to do by playing offensive, and he is one of the strongest in 2v1.
However it is a hero who needs many hours of play to understand the tactics to use in battle.

Berseker the crazy man, and crazy are all players who used as main:Have you ever met them? Feint, dodge, you do not know what they are doing and sometimes they do not attack you XD. He needs so many hours of gameplay for learn to use it well (and a pinch of madness), I'm not very good with him, but he's a very strong hero in 1v1.

Valkyr My Vakky,his how i call her,After the buff (which not everyone remembers), has become a scarecrow for us all, many now know how to deal with it well, but one of the heroes with more techniques and offensive variants.

Nobushi "Run baby run" I have to thank the Dev for generous rolling, because I think only those who are used to using it , know how to play in close combat, I usually keep 2 meters away from the enemy, and its Zone is very strong, Is the hero with the most beautiful combat style.

Orochi Orochok, as I call it (a biscuit brand), a beautiful hero not very difficult to use thanks to its very fast attacks and a useful Zone, he no need nothing, is perfect.

Shugoki I do not want to offend, but I often call it fat man, beyond this if used well in 1v1 is very strong (he give the best in skirmish): its problem is that if you use it too much, you forget the basics of the game, Because hyper armor is a great advantage.

Kensei "Miracle blade" for how to cut the head from the body perfectly after a execution .... The most hard to use against skilled enemies, he need a little help Dev, the main kensei are good, but in spite of everything, it seems right that a hero should do 100 feints to make an attack when others use two attacks and they hit with no problem?

Warden When you dress up the brave Joan of Arc, there is nothing more exciting than raising your sword to heaven after an execution! ... The warden does everything and does not need so many hours to learn basic techniques, lucky that They have debuff him,because of wasn't take a debuff the people would talk about him instead of the centurion XD

Lawbringer Looks like a bad guy... Then you see what makes the pony gesture and you know it's just an exalted one! XD before the buff was very difficult to use now pff !! Just be careful about stamina and everything will be fine ... remember everything is possible after a push

Conqueror "che la Figa!!" Ah no, he said "Te affigam" sorry XD, is the only hero who has the right to do the spammer, why tell it, what can you do after an attack then add a shield bash? It also has so many advantages in defensive play that forces you to play that way.

PK The "pussykepper" is the most b**rd killer of For Honor, with a jump she can steal all the kills, as long as she has his agility and his fast attacks, she will have an advantage in 1v1, Love and Hate for this hero are always at odds with every match, easy to use but not mastery.

Now tell me your consideration of my feddback :)

(sorry for bad ENG)

06-01-2017, 07:26 AM
what i can say after all this is: try to use all guys, is fun when you understand how to used ;)
(ah! listen the music of the video, is very beatiful)

06-01-2017, 08:03 AM
Can't agree with your assessment of the Orochi. Unless he's exploiting ZA flicker the guy has nothing to open up a turtle.

06-01-2017, 08:19 AM
Can't agree with your assessment of the Orochi. Unless he's exploiting ZA flicker the guy has nothing to open up a turtle.

there are a few attacks to use: after you are in position for the run attack, stopped with GB when the enemy are near to you, they think you attack but you use GB, easy hit :);
-feint heavy and start light from top;
-dodge but no attack, second dodge after no attack, then use zone, pay attention at GB;
this are a few tattics, in alternative, if the turtle is very strong, just keep distance and wait for the enmy to adavnce for a dodge attack ;)

06-01-2017, 08:52 AM
try this tattics with a friend, and you see they can work ;)