View Full Version : Need help for AI matches (no rewards bug)

05-31-2017, 01:36 PM
I've got the bug where I get no rewards for completing 4v4 AI matches with matchmaking turned off, but matchmaking for PVP or AI 4v4 never finds games. Looking for AU players who want to regularly do AI matches for the daily orders since it only works with more than just me in the game

My steam is http://steamcommunity.com/id/ruffenuff

And my uplay is

05-31-2017, 02:57 PM
You and everyone else needs this fixed. Its supposed to be in the upcoming patch, whenever that's happening. It ****kin sucks because atm I am mostly just playing around in free mode since none of the matches v AI except brawl (which I am now super sick of playing) awards anything. All balance issues or new heroes aside, many of us are only interested in the devs fixing what is broken. I hope they get that patch out soon.

05-31-2017, 03:25 PM
Add me and we can play together to get around the bug