View Full Version : Voice Chat Problems

05-31-2017, 07:14 AM
So, I just spent a very enjoyable evening playing a few Bridge Crew missions. Several solo, which was.. well, frustrating (the AI engineer seriously can't repair subsystems on her own?!). Far more enjoyable was the multiplayer.. That said, I have a problem.

My voice chat keeps cutting in and out. I might catch one or two words out of a sentence someone else says, and they get the same from me.. but they hear each other just fine. The game audio has no issues at all, it's just the voice chat.

My first thought was simple latency, the first game threw me into a European server because my area was oddly set there. After changing that to the proper North American region I still had issues with four different groups of people.

I'm using a Vive with its built in mic, which.. yes, I hear isn't all that great. That said, I've played several other online games like Raw Data with no issues at all. Others hear me just fine, and I can hear people using Vive mic's just fine (if a bit, er.. tin can-ish).

Anyone have any ideas what the problem could be here? I tried restarting my router and restarting the game, that didn't help either.