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05-30-2017, 08:34 PM

[Archived Simulation Arno_Dorian_S4M2]

Recording taken from a recent Recruit's training session, highlighting an alternative plan that Arno Dorian could have possibly executed, to assassinate the King of Beggars. This simulation showcases a more lethal, deadly approach to the assassination, with both the Target and many of his followers killed en route and on the way out. While the Assassin Brotherhood discourages senseless slaughter, it's still advised that Recruits make the systematic removal of multiple threats a part of their training program and curriculum. Better to understand how than to be killed in the field due to lack of practice.

I really enjoyed making this. There was something nice about taking my time and showing off a few different methods of taking out all the guards that I did. Generally I tend to rush my way through these things and while this isn't particularly slow, Main Assassinations in Unity are often set in very large areas that contain an insane number of guards in total, hence why the final file is over ten minutes long.

In this case it was pretty interesting to see the memory use a location from the previous memory; the Healing/Torture House from "The Kingdom of Beggars." The guard placements are different now, since they're not guarding La Touche and his agents, but it was cool to flow through this area again before sweeping back to the mission-area proper. The Underground shines here in a way that it didn't during my Non-Lethal playthrough of this same memory. There's an adequate amount of trickery possible during a Lethal playthrough, for me to have enjoyed myself a decent amount. The claustrophobic nature of the Underground means that you have to keep moving forward and the player does have fewer options. For a Non-Lethal playthrough this harms the experience a lot, but for a Reaper run like shown here, it can make things more challenging in an interesting way. The player is more constrained spatially, and so they are more constrained tactically. There's less you can do, and you're more at the mercy of the level design in these underground sections than you would be above ground. There are less things to climb, less places to hide. You have to make every action count.

My proudest moment is probably the Double SSI-Trick near the end, where I lure one guard down one tunnel, another guard down a perpendicular tunnel, then kill the three of them as they're all either investigating or wondering what's going on. Subtle but still kind of badass.

Thanks so much for watching, I never thought I'd go back to Unity as hard as I have, but I guess I've got some Assassin's Creed fever and want to make more Stealth Vids before Origins hits.