View Full Version : The greatest game ever........

05-30-2017, 07:41 PM
For real absolutely love this game as for the RQers after one death get over yourself you can't beat everyone so stop trying and thinking you are good when you only wanna play people you can beat. Also for the cheaters just stop you use exploits and advantages on your system and then think you are good cause of it and emote spam players after you win you are the A.I.D.S of the gaming community "Gotta live with it for a price". Also please fix this Faction War non-sense always telling me i defended and attacked no territories. As for this penalty for leaving is fine i just don't want to be stuck playing against bums who use exploits only and kill you while canceling your RM activation or these jackholes who have attack and defense stats that they shouldn't have sitting at Rep zero lvl 12 yet they deal and absorb more damage then anyone else or these guys who are now showing guard makers to the left when they hit you on the right or top that has really been happening alot and it is not a feint the guard marker goes right yet they hit you on the left it is not possible and these are the times i RQ cause i am not dealing with being flat out cheated. Oh and forgot about this i parry a guy 3 times in a fight kill them and then all of a sudden i don't know how to parry for the rest of the game i don't know what they are doing besides maybe a lag switch. Almost Rep 50 and tired of these games where i just don't have a shot because i some how forgot how to parry or just even get a block in it is BS sometimes.